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Why Advertise Payment Options?

Posted April 18, 2021 by EnerBank USA

Flexible Payment Options

We all get those direct mail pieces from various businesses — everything from landscaping to kitchen-and-bath remodels, to window-and-door specialists and even orthodontists and automobile sales. And some of those companies are wise enough to include a clear mention of their available financing. (Around here, we tend to notice when they don’t.)

It makes sense to do it: when you make something easier to pay for, you’re reducing objections and getting closer to a sale — often an even bigger sale than you would’ve otherwise made.

Fact: According to an independent study, as many as a third of homeowners do not think about how they’ll pay for a project until after they’ve spoken to a contractor.

Think of the opportunity to help move homeowners to not only closing, but to closing on bigger deals, simply by offering payment options right from the start — in your advertising and marketing efforts.

How much opportunity, you ask? Contractors who make the effort to include a finance offer in their advertising — such as a same-as-cash option — see an average of 50% more leads, and those better-qualified leads boost their business with higher close rates and larger projects.

“We use the EnerBank program in all our advertising and all of our marketing efforts,” said Craig Marsh, owner of Advanced Window Products. “It generates leads — it makes the phone ring!”

An important part of our loan program is training businesses on best practices for offering financing. We talk about proven timing and methods for presenting payment options — including at the appointment setting, and when you’re in the home with the customer. But the first step is always to make sure you’re including a reference to your loan options right in your advertising. That means on your flyers, door-hangers, showroom displays, service vehicles, paid media, and especially on your website.

As you learn to make payment options a part of your overall marketing message, you’ll start to reap the benefits and watch your business grow! To learn more about our loan programs as an independent contractor, or discover how you can join a sponsored program, please use the contact form on this page and one of our experts will get in touch with you.


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