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Grow your business made easy: get ready, it’ll be in one place

Posted June 21, 2024 by EnerBank USA

Grow your business made easy

Grow Your Business Made Easy — A Treasure of Tactics All in One Place

We’ve been working on our Ultimate Guide for a little while now, offering you individual chapters for download, and now our entire guide is soon to be available in one place! In this comprehensive resource, you’ll be able to learn a host of tips and tricks for building your business, including:

Brand Awareness

Our Building Your Brand Guide covers what a brand is and how to create your brand. This includes everything from your name, logo, and color palette, to tone, voice and typography. It also delves into setting yourself apart in memorable ways through spokespeople (actors or cartoons), slogans, jingles, and utilizing a robust content plan for getting your brand out there once you’ve established the key characteristics.

Digital Marketing Blueprints

These detailed guides explore several important marketing topics, with actionable recommendations. We dig into email marketing, including how to create an email list, segmenting your audience, automated email platforms, send timing, and additional helpful tips, including a way to track your email campaigns. These blueprints also examine how you can use content, develop an SEO plan, and utilize social media to your advantage.

Getting Your Numbers Right

Our guide on Budgeting for Growth – Improve Cashflow breaks down some of the most important aspects of making sure your numbers work for you. A solid understanding of your true costs, pricing strategy, and profit margins can make all the difference in any market.

Grow Your Average Project Size

This guide goes over several effective strategies for increasing the size of your average job, which gives you the benefits of economies of scale. Proven tips include making use of add-on services, fine-tuning your bidding strategies, and offering payment options.

Increase Leads

Get the low-down on bringing in more business through targeted marketing tactics. In this guide , we discuss lead scoring and understanding where to find your best potential customers.

More to Come

Still ahead, we’ll make available our guide on boosting your close rate, reducing cancellations, and empowering clients. These, and more guides on how to optimize your home improvement business, will be available later in the year, and will all be a part of the Ultimate Guide. Be sure to click the links to the individual chapters above, and download our entire comprehensive Ultimate Guide as soon as it’s available.


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