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The Right Payment Options Program Makes All the Difference

As a professional in the home improvement space, you rely on your partners to provide the best products and services for you and your customers. We’ve developed specialized loan programs for contractors like you who want to grow your business, and industry organizations looking to overcome sales-related challenges.

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Payment Options Benefits

When you provide a convenient and flexible way for your customers to pay for their home improvement project, you open up the valve and let the deals flow! Offering a choice of EnerBank financing enables serious growth for your home improvement business while you help your customers bring their dream projects to life!

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Are you a contractor interested in offering financing to your customers?
Get started with products and tools that can grow your business!

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Your All-Inclusive Program Includes

Dealer Resource Center

Quick and Easy Loan Applications

Multiple fast, easy, and paperless ways for your customers to apply.

Dealer Resource Center

Powerful Account Management

PartnerPortal is a one-stop shop for tracking your customers’ loans.

Dealer Resource Center

Custom Marketing Materials

Everything you need for marketing success, training, and more.

EnerBank USA Express System

The Express System puts time and money on your side with a suite of features that can help grow your business.

  • ExpressSign

    Easy signature process

    A streamlined, signature process means you can close more deals, and lets you focus on your business while creating an exceptional customer experience.

  • ExpressPay

    Manage cash flow on your terms

    The flexibility of multiple disbursements allows you to get your money when you need it, so you can keep your cash flow strong to cover your material costs*

    *For eligible contractors
  • MaxApproval

    Increase customer purchasing power

    Manage scope changes, project expansions, and upselling with approvals beyond the initial job estimate. Easily pre-bid qualify customers from your website.

Online Application Integration

Adding a button to your website will provide a simple, paperless loan application process for your customers, making it effortless to apply for payment options. You can link directly to the application from your site or marketing materials as an easy way to pre-bid qualify your customers.

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See Our Industry-Leading Loan Products

Your business is unique and so are your customers’ projects — so we have a payment option to match most projects.

Training for contractors

Getting the Most Out of Payment Options Starts with Excellent Training

Our role-specific training can help your whole team confidently offer payment options.

What's Your Specialty? We've Got Loans for Almost Any Project!

We offer loans for a ton of different home improvement project types. From the foundation all the way up to the roof — inside, outside, large or small — our loans are tailored to meet virtually any home improvement need. Contact us to discover which loans will best suit your business model.

Our Contractor Support is Here for You

We work closely with home improvement contractors across the nation. Because we focus on home improvement loans, we can provide specialized and unparalleled service, starting with your dedicated relationship manager.

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Get Personalized Service

Your dedicated relationship manager is committed to the success of your business.

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Customized Support

We help you succeed in more ways than one.

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Nationwide Presence

EnerBank offers payment options to residents of all 50 states and the District of Columbia!

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Essential Questions for Contractors to Ask

Frequently Asked Questions

QDo EnerBank loan programs include pre-approval options?
AYes! Your customers can now start the application process by utilizing PreQualify. With this method, both you and the homeowner can get a better idea of what they can afford with no hit to their credit*. This allows you to sell on value rather than price, and better recommend products and manage scope.
*A hard credit check will take place if the homeowner applies for a loan
QHow fast can a homeowner be approved for financing?
AIt depends on the homeowner. Often, they can receive a credit decision within minutes, allowing you to have the entire process completed while you're in the home. Sometimes, however, more information is needed to complete the application, and this may cause delays. If a customer has a question about their credit decision, they can call our Customer Service team at 1.888.390.1220.
QShould I join a loan program or create a loan program?
AJoining a loan program is one of the easiest ways that a contractor can begin offering financing to their customers and is the best fit for smaller home improvement businesses. If your organization works with a network of contractors, installers, dealers, or other authorized clients who work in the home improvement business, creating a loan program is likely the best fit for you.
QWhat costs are associated with EnerBank financing?
AThere are no fixed or required costs to work with EnerBank. Many of our most popular loan products have a dealer fee. Dealer fees are clearly communicated so you know exactly what they will be each time, and there are no hidden or surprise fees. We don't charge merchant processing fees or program membership fees, and there are no hidden fees for your customers.
QWhy would contractor financing be better than other options, like credit cards?
AResearch has shown that your business can experience many benefits from offering financing that you won't see with other payment methods. In a study* commissioned by EnerBank, it showed that contractors who offered every customer a choice of payment options saw an increase in leads, more closed jobs, larger average project sizes, and more. Plus, we handle the heavy lifting of what a financing program entails so you can focus your attention elsewhere.
*The Brickyard Study, commissioned by EnerBank USA 2018

Create a Loan Program

What's a Loan Program?

At its core, a payment options program is a way for you and your authorized dealers to achieve sales goals and overcome sales-related challenges. Your customized, private-label loan program is designed to achieve your organization's goals while building brand recognition.

Who Should Create a Loan Program?

If your organization works with a network of contractors, installers, dealers, or other authorized clients who work in the home improvement business, you should create a loan program. It's a smart and easy way to boost your growth and gain brand loyalty.

Why Should You Create a Loan Program?

loan program features

What’s in it for You?

Discover why creating a custom loan program is a smart way to reach your business goals.

Training for contractors

What’s in it for Your Dealers?

Learn why your dealers will benefit from participating in your payment options program.

Why EnerBank is the Right Choice as Your Loan Program Provider

A Customized Payment Options Program with the Dealers You Choose

success tools

Tools to Help Your Program and Dealers Succeed

launch support

Customized Launch Plan and Support

Easy application and funding process

  • Multiple quick and easy application methods for the homeowner
  • A single digital signature at time of application through EnerBank ExpressSign
  • Your dealer gets paid quickly via ACH

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