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Learn How Fencing Contractors Can Offer Financing

When fencing contractors offer contractor financing for clients , they increase their leads and close even more of those leads. With Regions | EnerBank USA, you can offer flexible solutions to fund the project. Keep reading and we'll examine the benefits of providing financing and show how a contractor financing leader can help your fence company. leader can help your fence company.

Why Should Fencing Contractors Offer Financing?

more opportunities

More Opportunities for Larger Projects

Fencing projects are often a considerable financial investment, forcing some clients to scale back their plans to save money. When you offer alternatives to fund a fencing job without requiring them to immediately pay out of pocket, customers will be more open to expanding the scope of work, meaning more profit for you.

faster projects rate

Start Projects Faster

Offering financing for fence installation projects lets you close deals faster and get started with the actual fencing work. You decrease the chance of lengthy client negotiations, which take up more time. Clients can quickly and conveniently choose a payment option and sign your contract.


Be More Competitive

Do fencing companies offer financing in your area? If they don't, offering payment options makes your service far more appealing than your competition. And if they do, you can provide flexibility to set yourself apart even more.

great reputation

Boost Your Reputation

Providing a significant benefit like financing to your clients improves their perception of your fencing company. They can hire you again for future fencing projects because you facilitated the sales process and helped them stay flexible with their money. Past clients might also recommend you to others needing a fence company that finances.

How You Can Start Offering Financing for Fencing Projects

offering contractor financing

Fencing contractors can start by creating a loan program with a financing provider like EnerBank first. We have several to choose from before we add the funding application button to your website.

Your clients will have three funding application options:

  • Mobile Loan App
  • Online Loan Application
  • Loan-by-Phone

No paperwork is needed here; we’ll approve the application quickly so you can start the fencing job immediately.

Why Choose EnerBank for Fencing Contractor Financing?

  • Experience

    Experience — EnerBank has over 20 years of experience in home contractor financing. We know the hurdles contractors face when trying to close a deal. With a trusted veteran provider on your side, homeowners will have more faith that the funds are in good hands.

  • unique payment options

    Tailor-Made Payment Options — We developed our loan products with home improvement projects in mind—including fencing jobs. This focus makes it easier for clients to pay the installments later.

  • fast financing

    Fast Financing — Do you need funds for more fencing materials or the project’s next phase? Request at any time, and once your client approves, we’ll deposit the money into your account usually within 24 hours.

Are you ready to join a loan program or want to learn more about financing for fencing contractors? Contact us today, and an EnerBank team member will get back to you soon.

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