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When it's time to start a home improvement project, people often find the cost of the project they really want often exceeds their cash on hand. Research shows that over 55% of home improvement projects are financed in some way*

Some homeowners choose to use a credit card, despite high interest rates. Others spend time and energy comparing fees and rates from banks and credit unions. Some homeowners, however, benefit from working with a contractor that offers in-house financing options. That kind of convenience is hard to beat.

*HIRI TFG Monthly report, released October 2023

Why Homeowners Choose EnerBank

EnerBank USA is a specialized home improvement lender – that means we're experienced when it comes to providing financing for home improvement projects like yours. Since it's our specialty, we've developed processes and payment options that are tailored to home improvement needs. In the over two decades that we’ve been in business, we've approved over one million home improvement loans.

Instead of saving up or completing the job in stages, you can get the entire project completed now, without compromises. With an EnerBank loan, your home is not used as collateral, there’s no application fee, no closing or appraisal costs, and no prepayment penalties. Our paperless application process is quick & easy, and you can often receive a credit decision within seconds. Approvals are valid for 120-180 days, giving you plenty of time to complete your home improvement project.

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$300 Homeowners Referral Opportunity

You can refer a contractor not currently active with EnerBank to become an authorized EnerBank contractor and get rewarded for improving your home. Once your loan application is submitted to EnerBank, you'll receive a $300 Amazon Gift Card!

Terms and Conditions Apply.

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Why So Many Contractors Choose EnerBank

No matter how good a contractor is at their job, they won't stay in business if they can't attract customers. It's vital for contractors to increase their leads and close rate so they can show off their ability. When contractors offer a choice of home improvement financing from EnerBank, they can see an increase in their leads as well bigger project sizes.

business expansion

Increase Business Expansion

Research shows that over 55% of home improvement projects are financed in some way*. By advertising financing to your customers, you could see a significant increase in leads.


Stay ahead of your competitors

With so many customers using financing, you may be missing out on opportunities. Those lost customers end up with a competitor, leaving you to settle for the leftovers. By offering financing options, you can retain those customers and stay ahead of the competition.

multiple options

Provide customers with options

Financing options let you offer various products at different price points that can fit almost any budget — a "good, better, best" approach to your sales process. When customers see they have greater spending power and more flexibility in their choices, they can be more confident in their decisions and often spend more.

boost close rate

Boost your close rate

Offering the right payment options can almost double your close rate. We've found that companies with a 25% baseline can increase their close rate to 44% when they offer a choice of payment options..

*HIRI TFG Monthly report, released October 2023

Based on the Brickyard Study commissioned by EnerBank USA, 2018.