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Contractor Financing for Painting Contractors

As a painting contractor in today's home improvement landscape, staying ahead of the competition means providing your customers with financing options that meet their unique needs. You can make your services more accessible, boost sales, and improve overall customer satisfaction by leveraging contractor financing through Regions | EnerBank USA.

What Are the Benefits of Contractor Financing to Your Residential Painting Business?

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Accelerates Your Sales Process

One of the biggest hurdles that you face when working with a homeowner is the price of the project. Many customers underestimate the cost of the job and experience a case of 'sticker shock' when they first receive the bid. By offering payment options, you provide a convenient and affordable way for them to pay for the project, allowing you to close and start the job sooner.

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Increases Your Average Project Size

Contractor financing makes closing larger projects easier and provides an effective tool for upselling. When you provide your customers with an easy way to pay for their painting project, they are more likely to expand the scope of the painting project.

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Builds Customer Loyalty

Offering flexible financing options to your customers improves their overall perception of your business. Once they experience the benefits, they'll likely use your services again and refer you to others. When you work with EnerBank, homeowners will enjoy the convenience of our hassle-free paperless application and fast loan decisions.

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Sets You Apart from the Competition

Nowadays, customers seek streamlined processes and shop around for the best deals. Contractor financing provides a competitive advantage and allows you to grow your potential customer base by making your services available to more people. We provide you with high-quality marketing materials and training support to help you communicate payment options.

How to Offer Financing as a Contractor

Many painting contractors have asked, "How can I offer contractor financing to my clients?" Those who want to explore the benefits of offering financing options to their customers can enjoy a fuss-free process by working with a home improvement lender like EnerBank. Our three paperless application methods and quick approvals provide an easy process for your customers.

When the work begins, you can conveniently request funds with just one click. Funds are deposited via ACH within 24 hours of the customer's approval.

Offer Financing to Your Clients

Homeowners can complete the application through one of our 3 paperless application methods:

Mobile Loan App

Online Application


Why Choose EnerBank

EnerBank is dedicated to providing financing for contractors in the home improvement industry, including painting contractors like you. With two decades of experience in this field, we've successfully funded over $13 billion in home improvement projects. During this time, we've developed the contractor-centric tools and resources that you need to be successful.

In addition to a great loan program, you'll also gain access to several unique resources only available to EnerBank contractors, including a dedicated relationship manager, customer support with extended hours, and high-quality marketing & training support. We consider your customers our own, guaranteeing a seamless and convenient process when they proceed with a project. Our financing for contractors can help your business thrive with loan options that make your services more accessible to other customers and help you build lasting relationships with existing homeowners.

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