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Improve Your Company Image and Increase Sales

Posted March 28, 2023 by EnerBank USA

improve your company image

We live in a world where every business has a brand, regardless of the size of their marketing budget or the level of promotion. Plus, with social media and other digital advancements, everyone has the space to showcase their product or service. This makes having a strong brand image and strategy vital to the success of your business.

Here are some of the ways that the image of your business can affect your revenue, particularly within the home improvement industry.

  1. Improve Your Customer Experience

    The relationship between your brand and your customer experience is vital to the success of your business. The customer experience entails all the touchpoints and interactions they have with your business. A misstep at any of these points can cause a negative impact on how they view your brand.

    Research has shown that 91% of customers won’t willingly do business again with a company that left them unhappy. Additionally, 80% of consumers said that the customer experience is as important as the products and services that a business offers. This can be incredibly frustrating for salespeople and business owners, especially when they believe that they delivered a personalized and attentive experience. However, it ultimately comes down to how the customer felt.

    Take some time to determine how you can go above and beyond to improve the customer experience. Customers in need of a home improvement project may already be concerned about sales tactics. Start out your relationship by building trust with them.

    Another important item to consider is how a negative customer experience can impact your future sales. Customers who are unhappy are two to three times more likely to share their experience. This includes online reviews, social media posts, or sharing their experience on sites like Facebook and Yelp.

    Trust is essential in creating a positive relationship between your business and the customer. Once trust has been established, your business will have a significant advantage over your competition. In the home improvement industry, customers are even more likely to go with the contractor they trust, even if it means paying more.

    For more advice on how to reel in your customers for referrals and repeat business, check out our 7 ways to establish trust as a contractor.

  2. Design a Professional Logo

    Your logo, company website, and brand convey a lot about your business. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated these elements, it may be impacting your business.

    Your customers may not be experts in graphic design, but they can recognize a poorly designed logo. Consult with a designer on how to create a logo, website, and overall brand that accurately reflects your company’s mission with a clean, professional look.

    Keep in mind that people remember about 80% of what they see compared to about 20% of what they read. This means a well-designed brand will be more memorable, increasing the likelihood of landing the job.

    Check out our free brand handbook to learn more about the elements that make up a brand and why they matter.

  3. Regularly Post on Your Blog

    Regularly posting to a blog is extremely beneficial for your company’s image. Not only does it have the potential to drive more traffic to your website, but it can also establish your company as an authority in your market.

    By covering topics that your customers are interested in, you’ll enhance the customer experience outside of the sales process. When you produce useful content beyond just a sales pitch, your customers will view your business as an authority and resource. This can help you establish both trust and customer loyalty.

    For an in-depth guide to creating a successful blog for your business, check out this HubSpot resource. You’ll learn how to best reach your target audience and promote your blog.

  4. Use Social Media to Improve Your Company Image

    Social media has given millions of online users a voice they never knew they had. Be sure that your company is well represented across the various social media platforms, especially so that you can engage with customers and respond to feedback.

    Has your brand recently undergone an overhaul, or have you updated your logo? Make sure that these changes have been implemented and are consistent across your various social media accounts.

    It’s not enough to just have social media — you need to have a strategy. We know it can be intimidating, but in today’s market, it’s essential to grow and establish a positive image.

    To learn more about where your business should be and how you should be posting, check out our digital marketing blueprints.

  5. Help Your Employees Become Invested in the Company

    You can have a successful blog and a strong social media presence, but if your employees are dissatisfied with their jobs, it will negatively impact your sales success. Even satisfied employees may lack the motivation it takes to grow your business. So the question becomes, how can you motivate your employees to become invested in the company’s success and keep them that way?

    Granting them a sense of ownership is a start. When employees feel that they’re an integral part of your company, they’re more likely to go above and beyond for your bottom line.

    Furthermore, your employees are a direct reflection of your company’s image, and you want a team that’s in line with the image you’ve worked hard to establish. Dedicate time to improving morale within your company and invest in your employees’ happiness and job satisfaction.

Offer Payment Options to Improve Your Company Image and Increase Sales

Another way to improve your company image and increase your home improvement sales is to offer a choice of payment options to all your customers. By partnering with a stable bank like Regions | EnerBank USA, you can increase your average project size and close more sales. Our payment options help your customers buy the projects they really want today rather than in stages. Plus, with great tools and resources, we can help you provide an outstanding customer experience, helping to further bolster your brand.

One great resource to help you get started is our brand handbook, and it can be yours today! Fill out a quick form, and you can download a free copy immediately!


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