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How to Get Great Client Testimonials for Your Contracting Business

Posted August 23, 2022 by EnerBank USA

Client Testimonials on a laptop

For a professional contractor, every satisfied client is an opportunity to attract future business. Testimonials offer powerful social proof to prospective clients that you deliver high-quality results.

Business owners often feel uncertain about how to gather testimonials, but the process is far simpler than you might realize. Here are a few suggestions on how to ask for testimonials that will draw in new customers and boost your business:

Ask Immediately

Timing is key to obtaining a great testimonial. You’ll want to ask your customer for one within a few days of completing the project. If you reach out while the changes to their home still feel new and exciting, you’re more likely to receive positive feedback.

Send a client an email or text requesting a testimonial. Include a link that takes the customer to a separate form where they can describe some details about their experience.

Set Up Review Accounts

Set up business accounts for all major review sites. The most popular sites include Yelp, Google My Business, the Yellow Pages, and home design site Houzz. By setting up as many business profiles as possible, you’ll make it easier for clients to leave a review.

Keep in mind that review sites allow customers to post both good and bad reviews. If a bad review appears, remain polite and ask the individual to talk with you in a private message. Never argue with a customer in a public forum, even if their complaint has no merit.

Resolve and Follow Up

What if the feedback you receive isn’t positive? Try to resolve the issue as best as possible. Once you’ve fixed the issue, reach out again for a new testimonial.

A testimonial describing how your company solved a problem is often very effective. Potential clients want to know they can count on you to resolve any unexpected issues.

Offer Financing

Cost is often a major point of concern for potential customers. You can help make your services more accessible by partnering with a home improvement lender, such as Regions | EnerBank USA, which provides flexible payment options for your clients. Anything that can help make the experience easier for your customers makes it more likely they’ll leave you a good review.

Using third-party lenders makes your services easier for customers to use, which in turn increases the likelihood they’ll leave you a winning testimonial.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to ask for a testimonial is a surefire way to boost your business. People are often wary of hiring a home improvement contractor, but testimonials help potential clients feel more comfortable trusting you to get the job done right. Remember to ask every customer, create a presence on all major review sites, and offer your customers payment options such as an EnerBank loan program.

To take your contracting business to the next level, make testimonials a part of your regular operations, and join a loan program today.


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