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5 Tips for How to Get Bigger Home Improvement Contracts

Posted December 20, 2022 by EnerBank USA

Contractor painting a living room area

Your contractor business is plugging along, with a steady flow of customers seeking small home improvements. But after a while, you’ll probably be ready to take things to the next level. So, how can you get bigger home improvement contracts?

Here are five tips to help you do just that:

1. Target a New Customer Base

One of the easiest ways to book bigger home improvement contracts is by targeting a new customer base.

If you’ve previously specialized in small, affordable home upgrades, it’s time to focus your efforts on customers with bigger budgets and grander renovation plans. Appeal to these customers by demonstrating your professionalism, being easy to work with, and offering the highest quality craftsmanship. Also, start offering financing (see #5, below).

One great way to reach these new customers is through targeted advertising. This can be done through ads or by utilizing search engine optimization. With ads, you create content that falls within the parameters of what people are looking for when it comes to their home renovation needs. You can then pay to have the ads show up in search results above your competition. With your website, you want it to be one of the top results when people are out there searching. To do this, you need to ensure your website is using the right words and phrases. When someone runs an online search, pages are crawled to pull up the most relevant information. For example, a person could be searching for ‘after hours HVAC repair in Denver’, and if your website doesn’t include this phrase or keywords, you may not show up in the results.

Once you book a few of these customers, let the magic of word of mouth run its course. You’ll have bigger home improvement contracts on the schedule for months in advance.

2. Provide the Best Customer Experience

Whether you’re in roofing, solar, HVAC, paint, or windows, there’s no substitute for excellent customer experience. You won’t find any shortcuts to success, so it’s essential to show your customers you value them by providing the best customer experience in your field. Ways that you can do this include: responding quickly, answering questions, listening to feedback, going the extra mile, making things as convenient as possible, showing your thanks, and more.

Customers will quickly take note of your reliability, integrity, and strong communication skills. You’ll earn their trust — and the trust of their friends and family, too. This will inevitably lead to bigger home improvement contracts over time.

3. Streamline Business with New Technology

Technology is revolutionizing many industries, including the world of home improvement projects. By embracing these technologies, you’ll be able to streamline your processes and have more time to dedicate to the quality work you’ve become known for. Homeowners will appreciate the ease and convenience that comes along with working with you. This can help you stand out from the competition, making it more likely you’ll be able to book those bigger jobs.

Be the first to adopt technology like time tracking, workforce management solutions, mobile payment options, and more. Your customers will appreciate the ease of working with your company and come back to hire you for bigger home improvement contracts.

4. Gather Online Reviews

Most customers spend a great deal of time researching contractor options before making any phone calls. So, what will they find out about you in their online search? If you don’t have a strong online review presence, it’s time to start investing in these efforts.

Positive online reviews will boost your company’s search results, which helps increase leads and customer trust. When homeowners see that others have been happy with their home improvement results, they’re more likely to trust you with more significant home improvement contracts.

Gathering online reviews isn’t a passive activity, it’s something that you should be actively working on all of the time. Some great ways to collect these reviews include: asking customers to leave a review, leaving an easy way to review on your website, send an email, post on social media, and more.

5. Offer Customer Financing

Ultimately, landing bigger home improvement contracts comes down to money. Do your customers have access to the cash they need when they need it most? Is it easy for them to take out a loan to fund their dream home renovation?

You can make it easy for your customers by offering customer financing through a lending provider. When you advertise flexible payment options, your customers will know that you offer quick and affordable financing to help them book bigger projects.

Homeowners can move forward without sacrificing their ideas, and you’ll get the cash flow you need to get started right away. It’s a win for all.

Book Bigger Home Improvement Contracts with EnerBank USA

When you’re looking for ways to get new business and bigger home improvement contracts, EnerBank can help. Our loan programs are ideal for homeowners seeking financing for extensive home renovations and can help your company improve cash flow, boost close rates, and grow average project sizes. Contact us to learn how to offer customer financing today.


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