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Turning Technicians into Salespeople (Without Them Knowing It)

Posted September 30, 2015 by EnerBank USA

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You might have the most knowledgeable, experienced and friendly service technicians around, but if they aren’t skilled at cross-selling and upselling, you are likely missing out on significant opportunities to grow your business.

Your technicians should be your hidden sales force.

The trouble is, many technicians don’t see themselves as salespeople, and they are not comfortable with the idea of trying to sell the customer upgraded or additional products and services. They also generally do not have backgrounds in sales, so they might feel unqualified or that they are soft on the people skills, inhibiting their ability to step out of their comfort zones.

So, how do you give your technicians the fortitude to upsell and cross-sell rather than feeling like they want to crawl under a rock?

  1. Treat your technicians as one of your most valuable sales assets. They have the opportunity to turn casual conversations into sales opportunities and actually have a sales advantage over traditional salespeople. Your technicians can have an enormous impact on future sales, so treat them with respect and invest in them.
  2. Train your technicians to have expert knowledge of all your products and services.
  3. Boost their confidence and build their images as trusted advisors rather than simply as technicians. They likely have more intimate product knowledge than many of your salespeople, so leverage that knowledge. Put their knowledge to work for you by helping your technicians recognize the credibility they possess.
  4. Teach them to ask questions appropriately. Asking questions and listening should be a natural part of any home improvement project, but your technicians likely do not realize that questions are also a natural step in the sales process. Hence, teach your technicians to ask questions as a systematic approach, and if you have armed them with the appropriate product knowledge, they will naturally recommend the products and services your customers need to be successful.
  5. Train them people skills. It will help them feel more competent in every area of their work. Reinforce that whether they are working on a home improvement project or advising (or selling), their focus should be on meeting the needs of the customer. Helping your customers is about solving their problems for them, a part of which includes offering them a choice of upgrades or additional products and services.
  6. Train them to communicate. Technicians who can lucidly explain the features, functions and benefits of your products and services (without talking down to your customers), will be respected as trusted advisers. If the customer doesn’t know exactly what he or she needs or wants, your technician can help dispel fears while educating the customer about the options that are available.
  7. Education is crucial. As you train your technicians, provide them with opportunities to practice, role play and transfer their training to real-world situations.

By focusing on helping your technicians make a smooth transition from simply envisioning home improvement projects to providing a total positive customer experience, you arm them with the ability to evaluate the customer’s needs and make suggestions (upsells and cross-sells) to solve their problems.