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Painting a Picture of Success

At EnerBank USA®, our contractors love singing the praises of working with us to grow their businesses the smart way.


Take, for example, Greg Taylor of CertaPro. He says, “Offering EnerBank payment options to every single residential customer has made a huge difference in our sales because it makes the buying experience very easy for our customers. It sets us apart from our competition.”


Greg’s experience in seeing the major growth that inevitably goes along with offering EnerBank payment options to every customer is emblematic of many home improvement professionals who have discovered this simple business practice and put it to work for them.


Check out this short video where Greg talks about how the EnerBank loans he offers his customers empower them to get their painting jobs done without compromising their real desires, and how the bigger projects he sells make it a win-win.

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Sunday, November 29 2020

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