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Increase your summer sales—here’s how

Posted June 5, 2018 by EnerBank USA

summer is almost here photo

School’s out, the temperatures are beginning to rise, and summer is almost here. For a lot of people, that means vacation, trips to the beach, and lazy days by the pool.


But for business owners, it can also mean stress—in the form of a summer sales slump.


Some businesses heat up during the summer months, but some deal with a predictable slump in sales. Clients and customers go on vacation, employees book time off, and new projects and purchases may be delayed.


But this is not inevitable, and there are things you can do to combat that dip in sales and traffic, and even see a profitable improvement! Here are a few ways you can challenge yourself to beat any potential summer setbacks:


1.    Set goals. When you look at your performance history from summers past, it may be easy to assume that the slump is inevitable. If your sales dropped last July, they’re likely to drop this July, right? Wrong! There’s no reason to set your goals low just because sales dipped in the past. Instead, set a big goal to double your sales! Challenge yourself not to accept the status quo!


2.    Partner up. Another way to keep yourself motivated is to partner up—it is easier to keep going when you know a partner is counting on you. Sometimes when working alone, you can convince yourselves that you don’t have to do “the thing”—whatever “the thing” is that you may not want to do. But when you tell someone else that you’re going to do “the thing,” suddenly there’s an extra level of accountability! So, choose a partner you wouldn’t want to let down.


3.    Get out of your comfort zone. For business owners, you probably don’t have anyone watching your every move, or looking over your shoulder, so it can be easy to talk yourself out of doing the things that could actually make an impact on your goals. And, because those goals may be a little outside your comfort zone, it can be easier to say, “That won’t work for me because…”—whether you’ve actually tried it yet or not!


So, remember, the seasonal summer slump is not inevitable. Give these tips a try, and you may be surprised at what you can accomplish. And, for more ways to help you grow your business, visit EnerBank.com/contractors to learn more about our comprehensive suite of services.