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8 Ways for Contractors to Get New Business

Posted April 8, 2015 by EnerBank USA

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As the summer months approach, homeowners are thinking about improvements. But, how do you capitalize on this busy time of year?

Marketing can be overwhelming and intimidating, but these simple tips can help you share your business with prospective customers, win the best referrals, and turn quality leads into lifelong clients.

1. Keep in Touch

The referral process should start before the work does. Before any construction begins, let your client know how important your reputation and referrals are. This will keep clients aware throughout the construction process, which, while sometimes tedious, can get referral conversations started early with neighbors and family members.Referrals are one of the strongest tools that contractors have for generating new business. A good recommendation from a trusted source is more powerful than any advertisement might be, which is why clients recommending you to friends and family is so crucial.

After a project is finished, ask for feedback from the client and make sure to finish any last minute work that needs to be done. Leaving the client happy, even if it requires a little extra work, is worth the good referral. It can also be useful to follow up a few weeks later by phone to make sure the client is still happy with your work.

This will keep your name at the forefront of the client’s mind and impress them by showing how much you care about their business.

2. Go Through Old Files

If you have client records that go back 5 to 10 years, then it’s time to follow up. Reaching out to past clients can be an easy way to drum up new business.

When calling old clients, you can simply say that you’re updating your client records. Take this time to alert past clients to new services you offer or services you now specialize in.

You can also follow up about how the previous work you did is holding up and inquire as to what new needs they might have.

When updating your client records, make sure to get a current email address. This will allow you to send a follow up note after your phone call conversation.

Perhaps something you spoke about has been on your past client’s mind and this will give them an easy opportunity to follow up with you about potential work.

3. Go Next Door

Reaching out to nearby or homeowners when at a site can be another easy way to find new clients.

When starting a new project, go next door and meet the neighbors. Alert them to the work you’ll be doing and take extra efforts to ensure the neighborhood is happy throughout the construction. When you follow up with a client after the project has been finished, you can use that time to stop by neighboring homes and offer a quote for whatever work they might need done.

Another way to get neighbors involved is to offer nearby homeowners a proximity discount. Most people looking to remodel are worried about cost, but saving time on travel can be translated into a discount for work done near another site at the same time.

When you give an estimate to prospective clients, highlight the proximity discount to entice them to accept your bid.

4. Targeted Direct-Mail Marketing

A lot of contractors use direct mailing to get their name in front of potential clients. But, many contractors using this method spread their reach too wide.

Instead of mass mailing hundreds or even thousands of post cards, focus your marketing efforts on a targeted audience. Find a specific type of client and location that you’d like to reach, and work on one area at a time. This will decrease printing and mailing costs, while increasing leads.

And the reduced amount will allow you to focus more on the quality leads coming in, instead of over-extending your crew giving quotes to less valuable leads.

When mailing smaller quantities, you can increase frequency. Instead of using direct-mail marketing every few months, you can send targeted mail every week, which keeps new leads coming in more consistently.

5. Boost Current Marketing Efforts

Odds are you already have a number of marketing materials, but a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference when starting a campaign for new clients.

Customized marketing materials should be eye catching and explain what sets you above the rest of the competition. You can get creative with your marketing materials and make anything from door hangers to job site signs to thank you cards.

The most important materials to develop, however, should be your website and business cards, as they’re the most used, accessible pieces of promotion.

When boosting your marketing efforts, don’t forget about social media marketing.

Social media is a quick and cost-effective way to reach a number of potential clients. Do some research and find out what social media sites your target audience is using, and then practice posting every day.

Each “like” and “share” could be another potential customer!

6. Host a Lunch-And-Learn

Hosting an educational lunch for perspective clients can be a great way to get your name out there and reel in new leads.

If you can, partner with a local business, such as a restaurant or paint supply store, to provide lunch and share a presentation about relevant remodel information. The lunch doesn’t have to be a sales pitch, it can simply be a way to educate homeowners and businesses on current trends, share remodeling tips, start a conversation with potential clients, and generate referrals.

These short lunches can be done regularly at a low cost and should be carried out professionally.

Mixing past clients with quality leads can create a productive atmosphere where you’re not only a contractor, but part of a larger community. That sense of comradery is a great way to build up new, lasting business.

7. Offer Free Touch Ups

Everyone loves getting free services. Although it might be hard to believe at first, providing free touch ups to potential and past clients is a great way to generate new business.

When following up with past clients, ask if any of the work you did needs touching up. If they take you up on the offer, you’ll have the opportunity to point out other work that needs to be done, and you can easily reach out to neighbors and adjacent businesses while you’re there.

Plus, offering free touch ups will impress clients and they’ll be more likely to refer your services to friends and family.

8. Offer a Payment Plan

Financing a home improvement project is often the hardest part. Luckily, you don’t have to limit your new clients to those with deep pockets.

Providing financing services to your clients is a great way to reach every type of potential customer. EnerBank USA makes it easy to set up a plan that works for your customers.  Providing a choice of options between a Same-As-Cash loan or a low monthly payment loan option like  a Reduced Interest loan makes it easy to choose you.

Offering payment options can put you ahead of the competition. No client should ever be forced to compromise on their home improvement project because of finances.

When you are able to provide an unbeatable choice of payment options to all of your potential customers, you open the door to infinite new business for your company.

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