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7 quick-tips to jump-start your business in 2019

Posted December 17, 2018 by EnerBank USA

2019 start button photo

If you haven’t thought about jump-starting your business in the new year, you only have a few more week to get started!

So, be sure to set aside time now to think and plan because as the famous adage often attributed to Benjamin Franklin goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” You may believe you can’t spare the time, but you really cannot afford not to.

Here are some quick-tips to get you brainstorming:

  1. Start now. You don’t have time to procrastinate.
  2. Review the past year. What has worked well? What was a disappointment? Take an inventory of wins and losses.
  3. Consider trends. What has changed, and what changes do you foresee for the future? What can you do to take advantage of these?
  4. Set goals. What exactly do you want to accomplish in the new year? Know where you want to be at this same time next year.
  5. What are your assets? What can you use to reach your goals? What else do you need? How will you acquire the things you need?
  6. Set specific tasks to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Set deadlines, and commit to meet them.
  7. Take action. You don’t have to wait until January—anything you do now will put you further ahead of the game!

So, take a deep breath, focus, and set your sights on your 2019 goals. Because as Antoine de Saint-Exupér has wisely said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

To learn more about how EnerBank can help you reach your goals, visit us at EnerBank.com/contractors.