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Introducing the New Express System

Posted March 1, 2022 by EnerBank USA

Express System

In your line of business, time and money are two of your most valuable assets. Fortunately, being able to save on both has become even easier with the introduction of our new Express System. It’s the all-in-one system to help grow your business in a smooth and efficient way:


Who wants to run around chasing signatures while you’re trying to finish up a job? We’d be willing to bet the answer is no one. With ExpressSign, you’ll spend less time on loan paperwork and more on the real work. No Payment Authorization Form is needed, and the customer signs once — a process completed through the EnerBank app while you’re in the customer’s home closing the sale. This is not only convenient for homeowners, but it improves your close rates and reduces cancellations. ExpressSign saves time and reduces delays from the traditional loan closing process, letting you get to work sooner.

Our legacy system will be shutting down on August 31st, so don’t delay your chance to  experience all of the exciting new features and benefits! Not only can it improve your current business practices, it can also help you save even more time and money. Contact your relationship manager today to check out everything that Express System has to offer.

_*_Contact your relationship manager for eligibility details (solar & pool programs currently ineligible)


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