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Posted March 3, 2022 by EnerBank USA

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As a manufacturer, association, franchisor, or trade organization that works with a network of contractors and dealers, you know that being functional and having the right processes in place is crucial if you’re looking to grow and attract new members that bring happy-paying customers. Still, to stand out from the competition and become the authority in the industry, your organization must shine. Or, to put it simply, you must promote how the services you offer can enhance your contractors’ businesses.

But what does this look like when you’re tasked with demonstrating your organization’s excellent benefits to potential dealers? One word (coupled with a few adjectives): Best-in-class, top-notch marketing! Showcase how good your organization is and why a contractor or dealer should join your loan program.

When expertly executed, effective marketing efforts can result in current dealers staying with you for years to come. Plus, new recruits — who might have considered enlisting with a competitor — convert from leads to solid clients. Good marketing is more than simply looking flashy; it helps build and maintain your company’s reputation, a must when setting yourself apart from your contenders.

As a bank with over two decades of lending experience in the home improvement industry, Regions|EnerBank USA understands the proven value of time-tested marketing strategies.  That’s why we’ll provide marketing support for you, at no extra cost. When you work with us, you’re not only working with an expert in all things home-improvement lending, you actually get the added benefit of a marketing agency to help offer your services to your members.

Our in-house team of experienced marketers will craft event- or promotion-specific content that can propel your organization to an industry-leading status. This on-demand produced content is not just a set of cookie-cutter templates you just add your logo to. We’re talking tailor-made, built-from-scratch, vertical-specific assets that support your contractors and demonstrate the value of belonging to your organization.

We can create your white-label loan program and take some marketing heavy-lifting off your hands. We’ll help your organization with outbound marketing like emails and flyers. With tools like landing pages and branded applications, we can help you capture inbound interest from your dealer network.

As you know, websites provide detailed information on products and services, help others find your online presence, and allow customers to contact you. However, landing pages are created as needed and provide a purposeful place for visitors that have come to you from an email link, social media campaign, or a pay-per-click ad.

We create these utilization marketing campaigns and recruitment initiatives based on the specific needs of your dealer network. Not only do landing pages help support your business goals, but they also increase your conversions and generate rich data and insights. This helps you to better understand your customers. These campaign-specific marketing materials can track form submissions, page views, and help you know your customers better. And are all available and included at no extra cost to you. That’s our commitment to you for just working with us.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what other networks are saying:

“Our experience working with the EnerBank team has been extremely positive.”

– Scott Siegal, President, Certified Contractors Network

“We use the EnerBank program in all our advertising and all of our marketing efforts…it generates leads. We’ve been with EnerBank since 2010. Very easy to work with, very easy to communicate…if you need to call them on the phone, they actually answer the phone.” — Craig Marsh, Owner, Advanced Window Products

With EnerBank, you get the experience of a dedicated relationship manager, ready to help you, just a phone call away. Your relationship manager helps you get personalized marketing content that ranges from landing pages to customized website buttons.

As a program sponsor looking to create your own white label program, you know that these marketing tools are indispensable in helping showcase all the benefits you offer as an organization to your prospective contractors.


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