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Customer Financing for HVAC Contractors

Posted March 1, 2022 by EnerBank USA

HVAC Financing

HVAC systems are essential in most homes to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures no matter the season. But as indispensable as they are,  HVAC systems can break down unexpectedly from overuse, poor maintenance, end-of-life, or faulty components. This unknown could leave many with a repair or replacement bill they weren’t expecting. As an HVAC contractor, you can solve such problems by offering financing as part of your service.

How Does HVAC Financing for Contractors Benefit You?

More than a third of homeowners aren’t sure how they’ll pay for a project until after they speak with a contractor, especially when it’s an unexpected expense. Financing is a convenient and flexible payment option you can give your customers for their big-ticket home improvement projects, like HVAC system upgrades.

As a contractor, you’ll also enjoy multiple benefits:

Edge Out the Competition

Offering financing puts you ahead of competitors. Rather than being stuck with a considerable upfront cost for an unexpected HVAC upgrade, many customers prefer more manageable, staggered payments. If you offer attractive payment options, you’ll stand out among other contractors.

Get More Quality Leads

When you advertise your financing options, more customers will want to know whether you have plans that work within their budget. After learning about your affordable financing, those who were undecided about upgrading or replacing their HVAC system are more likely to proceed with the improvement. But don’t save that news for the end — be sure to mention it in your advertising and upfront in your sales discussion, plus when you offer the bid.

Close Deals Faster

Having HVAC financing for contractors lets you offer low monthly payments to your clients on bigger, more expensive projects. Not having to make a large monthly payment for HVAC services means less sticker shock for clients. As a result, you’ll close more deals faster.

Increase Bottom Line

Take on more significant projects by offering financing to your customers. They won’t have to settle for less due to budget constraints — energy-efficient HVAC equipment, quality materials, and extensive work are now more accessible. Working on larger projects also helps increase your profits. Moreover, offering financing options lessens the need to entice customers with big discounts, allowing you to maintain your margins.

Work with Regions | EnerBank USA

It’s essential you work with a reliable lending partner to offer the right payment options for your customers. EnerBank has been offering HVAC financing for contractors for two decades. With loans designed specifically for contractors and homeowners, you can find the right fit for your business.

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