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Skip the Credit Cards, Use a Loan Instead

Posted March 21, 2022 by EnerBank USA

Skip the Credit Cards, Use a Loan Instead

Many contractors think they don’t need a loan program because their customers are using credit cards or cash. However, utilizing contractor financing from Regions | EnerBank USA is a great way to establish credibility and increase brand awareness. Plus, it provides additional benefits for both you and the homeowner that you won’t find with a credit card.

Higher Approval Rates

Typically, 4 out of 5 customers are approved for an EnerBank USA loan, which means you can close more deals that you may not be able to otherwise. If a customer doesn’t qualify for the loan for which they applied, our Mobile Loan App may make an automated counteroffer that better fits their credit circumstances, unlike a credit card, so the customer can still receive the funding needed for their project.

Higher Lending Limits

EnerBank features a variety of loan products, some of which have limits of up to $75,000, which is higher than many credit cards. This allows customers to get their job started as soon as possible, without needing to compromise their vision using lower-cost materials or breaking the project up into parts to make things more affordable.

Fixed Interest Rates

Unlike credit cards that feature fluctuating rates or increases as penalties for late payments, our loans feature fixed rates. This means if the customer selects a loan with a low monthly payment option, they’ll have a single fixed payment, making it easier to incorporate it into their budget.

Same-As-Cash Options

One benefit of EnerBank financing is there are options that you may not be able to find with credit cards, including same-as-cash options. With this type of loan, for example, the homeowner can hold on to their cash during the project and then pay it back later. If they pay within the set period, they won’t need to pay interest on the loan.

No Hidden Fees

With credit cards, there may be additional fees, such as annual or merchant processing fees, that are not applicable to our loans. EnerBank loans feature no hidden fees for both the contractor and the homeowner, you pay what we say you’ll pay. Plus, as the contractor, you can build your dealer fees into your operating overhead.

As an added bonus, research* has shown that by offering payment options, contractors can:

Improve Cash Flow

A crucial part of your business is liquidity. EnerBank pays you directly and quickly, so you never need to worry about collecting from customers.

Increase Leads

By advertising payment options, you can see a 50% increase in leads and a better conversion rate. This includes your website, flyers, emails, truck wraps, etc.

Boost Close Rate

Offering a choice of payment options can nearly double your close rate. For example: assuming a 25% baseline, you can increase your close rate to 44% when offering a Same-As-Cash loan and a low monthly payment loan.

Grow Average Project Size

More than one-third of homeowners regret not spending more on their projects to get the results they truly wanted. When using a payment option, homeowners spend 44% more on their home improvement projects, which means more business for you. 

Eliminate Discounting

When customers pay in cash or provide their own financing, you may feel you need to offer a discount to close a deal. This can quickly eat into your margins. You can negate this by offering financing which makes it easy for a homeowner to pay for their project.

Reduce Cancellations

Homeowners who are approved for an EnerBank loan are 94% more likely to complete the job with you. This decreases the likelihood of a homeowner needing to do more research or getting more bids.

*Brickyard Study commissioned by EnerBank USA, 2018

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