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Customer Financing for Roofing Contractors

Posted November 23, 2021 by EnerBank USA

roofing financing

Roofing contractors are required to balance numerous responsibilities at once. This includes delivering a high-quality product that protects a building’s structure and satisfies their customers. However, even seasoned roofing contractors can struggle to bring in enough work to grow and keep the quality high. Fortunately, customer financing for roofing contractors can provide the competitive edge necessary to get ahead in the industry.

Customer financing for roofing contractors allows homeowners to start any size project immediately—without wasting time or stressing about how to fund the project. Since many roofing projects are unexpected, customers can get the funds they need in an easy and convenient way.

The Benefits of Customer Financing for Roofing Contractors

Want to learn more about the benefits of customer financing? Here are just a few perks:

Become More Competitive 

Most customers like to shop around for the best deal when it comes to funding a roofing project. When you offer flexible, affordable payment options, you’ll become a more enticing option and win over new customers. Plus, with a quick and easy application process, you can help your customer save time and get their project finished sooner.

Boost Close Rate

Sometimes, closing the deal is the biggest struggle for roofing contractors. But same-as-cash loans make it easy for homeowners to make a decision—meaning you’ll close more deals quickly. In fact, when offering a choice of Same-as-Cash loan or low monthly payment loan, our contractors can see their close rate nearly double.  

Grow Average Project Size

Flexible payment options allow customers more freedom to get the product they really want, rather than settling for the cheapest materials that fit their budget. Research shows that ⅓ of homeowners regret not spending more on their project, and when offered payment options, they spend an average of 44% more on their renovation. This higher spending will boost your average project size and help you increase revenue over time.

Improve Cash Flow

Cash flow can often challenge small businesses, but customer financing can solve this common predicament. Once customer loans are approved, you’ll get paid each time you send a funding request, usually within 24 hours. And, your customer can approve funding requests via text or call, whichever method they prefer. 

Sign Up for Customer Financing for Roofing Contractors

Ready to offer financing to your customers? Regions|EnerBank USA can help. We’ve streamlined the loan application and approval process so you can close more deals, increase revenue, and boost your bottom line. Our appealing and flexible loan options are the best choice for customer financing for roofing contractors. Get in touch to learn more today!


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