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Decisions, Decisions: Instilling Confidence in Your Customers

Posted November 29, 2021 by EnerBank USA

Instilling confidence in your customers

Choosing to start a renovation is a big decision for a homeowner, let alone everything that comes next. Throughout the process, you may hit roadblocks as a customer goes back and forth on whether or not they’re making the right decision. So, how can you, as the contractor, help ease those concerns and leave your customers with an end result that makes them smile? Here are some tips for instilling confidence in even the most indecisive customer.

Find the Root of the Issue

What is it that’s really bothering them? Are they apprehensive about the cost, the scope, or that they haven’t done all the research for the project? Ask specific open-ended questions so you can have a better perspective of whatever issue they’re having. Such as ‘what are your must-haves?’ or ‘what concerns do you have about this project?’ If they have objections, follow up with probing questions. For example, if they mention they had issues on a previous project, ask them to expand on the issues. Some people may have an easier time expressing what they don’t want, so try to come from that angle. Once you know what they’re not looking for, you can remove/simplify potential options to help eliminate some of the uncertainty.

Show Them Your Expertise

You’re an expert in your field — so show them. Provide the necessary information they need, and be willing to answer their questions, no matter how minuscule they seem. Make yourself available to them, but set boundaries with your time, and be thorough with your answers. Share the knowledge and experience you have, as that will build trust between you and your customer, making it easier for them to be confident in you. Always be prepared to share references and make it known that they are available during the initial sales pitch. One great way to do this? Create a brochure that shows examples of your work, your most popular materials, and testimonials from your previous customers that you can leave with the homeowner at the end of your visit.

Create Realistic Expectations

Ideally, everything in a home improvement project would run smoothly and be completed on time. However, we know that’s not always the case. Letting your customer know upfront what could potentially go wrong, such as a delay in materials or an unexpected issue, can help prepare them for what lies ahead and give them the necessary confidence to move forward and make a decision. Use facts, not emotions (this can cause additional indecision), to help them make this decision. For example, if you are working with a customer to pick a new floor, point out facts that may help make the decision easier for them such as ‘I noticed you have a dog, these options are pet friendly and can stand the wear and tear.’

Create Meaningful Touchpoints

If a customer says they need to think about it, give them some time, but don’t completely disappear. A good way to keep in touch is by email. Think something super low-key and informational, but still helpful to the homeowner. For example, if you spoke to a potential client about a kitchen remodel, sending them a newsletter that includes information about how a new kitchen can add value to their home may help push them in the right direction. Remember to not be overly pushy during these touchpoints as this may add extra pressure to someone who is already struggling with decisions. 

Instilling Confidence with Payment Options

One thing your customers shouldn’t have any indecision about? An affordable and easy way to pay for their project. Here at Regions | EnerBank USA, we specialize in home improvement lending. This means that you and your customers have a selection of payment options to best fit everyone’s needs. Did you know that a third of homeowners wish they had spent more on their home improvement project? Larry Sinn of 5 Star Plumbing Heating and Cooling said, “we have experienced steady growth of 20-25% per year since 2012, and a big part of that is definitely due to financing.” Instilling confidence in your customers get can help them get the home of their dreams with payment options. To learn more, fill out the form on this page or visit our website.


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