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Interior Remodeling Contractor Financing

Give your interior remodeling clients flexible and convenient loan products and boost your business. Learn how EnerBank’s contractor financing options can help.

Contractor Financing for Interior Remodelers

As a contractor, it can be difficult to find ways to grow your interior remodeling business. That’s where contractor financing from Regions | EnerBank comes into play. Our payment options are a proven method to help you increase your business while helping your customers get the home of their dreams.

Check out some of the ways that financing for contractors can help you bring in more projects and help take your business to the next level.

Benefits of Contractor Financing for Interior Remodeling

Many homeowners underestimate the cost of their projects, especially with increasing prices, and it can often lead to a major case of sticker shock, causing the customer to take a step back, reduce the size of the project, or postpone the project altogether. By providing a choice of convenient and affordable loan options, you can help customers get the end product they want now, helping you close more jobs.

Our research has shown that once a customer is approved for contractor financing, they are 94% more likely to complete the job with you, meaning they’re less likely to shop around*. That’s good for business!

*Based on the Brickyard Study commissioned by EnerBank USA, 2018.

Contractors who work with EnerBank experience many benefits, including:

improve cash flow

Cash Flow

increase leads


boost close rates

Close Rate

grow average project size

Grow Average
Project Size

emliminate discounting


reduce cancellations


Start Offering Financing as a Contractor

offering contractor financing

Offering financing from EnerBank to your interior remodeling customers is easier than you may think. To begin, you’ll need to provide basic information, such as how long you’ve been in business, yearly revenue, company name, and more. Once we review your application, a member of our team will reach out with next steps.

Once your program is up and running, you won’t be left to navigate the process alone. Our team is here to help however they can, including providing you and your team with customer support, training, marketing materials, and more.

As an added bonus, incorporating payment options into your existing sales process is simple. With three paperless application methods and fast loan decisions, you can complete the loan process while in the customer’s home.

What Makes EnerBank Different When it Comes to Contractor Financing?

When looking for a financing provider, you want to make sure they tick all the boxes of what you need. EnerBank not only covers the basics when it comes to interior remodel financing, but provides additional resources that you won’t find anywhere else:

Does the provider specialize in remodeling project financing?
Yes. For over 20 years, EnerBank has focused on the home improvement industry, including interior remodeling. This means we have developed the loans, tools, and resources to ensure that both you and your customer have a great experience working with us.
Are there any hidden fees when working with EnerBank?
No. We are totally transparent about the costs to you and your customers. Plus, with competitively priced contractor fees, you’ll know you’re getting the most benefit for your dollar.
Is the provider stable and secure?
Yes. EnerBank has decades of experience providing loan products for home improvement contractors. We fund all of our own loans, which means there’s no middle man when you get paid, and we never pull back funds in the event a homeowner stops making payments.

Why Choose EnerBank?

why choose EnerBank

When it comes to financing for interior remodeling, we know what we’re doing. You can trust us with the day-to-day needs that a financing program entails so you can focus on what your business needs. Our goal is to ensure that not only do you have a great experience working with us, but your customer does too.

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