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How to Effectively Handle Indecisive Customers

Posted July 6, 2015 by EnerBank USA


Ask anyone who has worked in sales and they’ll tell you working with indecisive customers can be incredibly frustrating. Some customers may have a broad idea of what they want, but they cannot make definite decisions, while others may simply change their minds throughout the sales process. This inability to make concrete decisions is especially true when working with homeowners looking to remodel or improve their home, particularly with kitchen and bath remodels. It’s important to remain patient with customers while also having the ability to steer them in the right direction if necessary. Here are some ways you can successfully work with indecisive customers that will help you close more sales.

Discover the Reason for Hesitancy

Some salespeople will make assumptions on why the customer is hesitating without truly discovering the reason. Others will just start offering “exclusive” discounts or continually provide more options. For some prospective buyers, it isn’t always about the cost, and the inclusion of more options may only confuse them further by giving them too much to process.

Give your customers time to think and time to voice their concerns. Do not be overly hasty or jump to conclusions. Sometimes, salespeople are tempted to fill the void of silence with unnecessary information without ever truly addressing the customers’ concerns. When this happens, customers recognize that you are more interested in closing a sale than helping them find a resolution, so be certain to focus on addressing their needs.

Simplify their Thinking

Numerous factors come into play when customers approach large projects like a remodel. Are they getting the right price? The best quality? The best service? Perhaps there are just too many design-related options. Ultimately it is up to the customer, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t educate and simplify the decision-making process. Become a resource for your customers. Provide them with additional information, such as pamphlets or articles that will better educate them about the options they’re given.

By being a reliable source, you establish trust with your customers. For example, if the customer is deciding between hardwood and tile for the kitchen floor, then provide him or her with adequate information on both options, with a list of pros and cons. Doing so will help enable your customers to answer their own questions. Because a remodel is filled with necessary decisions, you’ll want to make the process as seamless as possible.

Find Solutions

This admonition may seem obvious, but once you have identified the customer’s concerns, present him or her with solutions. Remember, most customers know when you are trying to upsell them by presenting the more expensive option as the best solution. The goal here is to find the right solutions for their concerns. Do not fall into the trap of selling the more expensive tile simply because it will benefit you the most. Empathize with your customers and their situations, and you will be prepared to offer the best solution.

Gain their Trust

Ultimately, all of these steps and tactics are designed to help you gain your customers’ trust. Indecisive customers need someone they can trust that will help them make an informed decision. Your customers need to understand that you have their best interests in mind, not just your bottom line.

Be open and honest with your customers, even if it means delivering bad news about a feature or design they have in their sights. Help your customers understand your processes and pricing. Customers appreciate openness and honesty.

When you gain your customers’ trust, they will rely on your knowledge and expertise as the ultimate resource. Approaching their indecisiveness once you have their trust should be a fluid process. Acknowledge their concerns by listening and being responsive. Work to simplify their options and present possible solutions. This will lead to closing more sales.







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