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4 Ways to Crush the Competition Using Digital Marketing

Posted July 4, 2021 by EnerBank USA

4 Ways to Crush the Competition Using Digital Marketing

As a business owner, taking advantage of digital marketing tools can make the difference between good or great for your company. These tools include your website, email campaigns, digital ads, and more. Here are some best practices for digital marketing so you can crush the competition.

1. Use a Mobile-First Approach

Having a website that doesn’t format correctly to a mobile phone or tablet may be the difference between booking a job or losing it. With so many options available at a potential client’s fingertips, your website has, on average, less than a minute to make an impact. If your website is hard to navigate, looks out of date, or someone can’t find what they’re looking for quickly, they may decide to not hire you on the spot. Being mobile-friendly can also help you rank higher in searches, putting you literally above your competition. Include customer testimonials and reviews on your website, as that can help build trust between you and potential customers before you ever meet them. Pro tip: be sure to use the EnerBank Mobile Loan App to make closing a deal using financing a snap.

2. Take Advantage of SEO

If you aren’t already, you should be adopting a Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, strategy as a business owner. This lets you cater your website, content, ads, and social posts to what people are already searching for online. For example, a potential customer could be searching for ‘solar power cost San Diego’ and you can tailor your digital marketing to fit those parameters. Over time, you can observe how the behaviors of consumers change and adapt your strategy to fit those needs. You should also be taking advantage of paid search. With this type of advertising, you can target very specific audiences, including by device, location, search history, and more. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, using paid search is quick to complete, easy to track, and much more flexible. It’s also a more cost-effective way to reach your audience when compared to traditional methods of advertising and you can spend as much or as little as your budget allows.

3. Digital Advertising

While billboards and mailers are a great way to raise brand recognition, not taking advertising digital may cost you. One great way to raise your online profile is through organic and paid social media. Organic social posts are a great way to reach out and nurture your audience. Paid social is when you pay a platform to advertise your content for you. If the content you post organically performs well, paying to boost it may help reach an even greater audience. Finally, you should be taking advantage of email marketing, which is still the cheapest and most effective form of digital marketing.

When done correctly, you can further develop relationships and create more leads in a cost-effective way. Don’t forget to make your emails responsive so they format correctly no matter where or how someone is reading them. Pro tip: you can get marketing support, in the form of professionally designed digital assets, from your EnerBank relationship manager.

4. Create a Content Library

Having customized resources for current and potential customers is a great way to draw in more business. The more personalized and informational your content is, the more likely a customer will stick around to learn more. By providing resources in one spot, such as a blog post, they won’t have to go elsewhere for additional help. Remember to create pieces that are branded to your company, so you’re still getting the credit, even if they’re shared. A strong portfolio on your website is also a must — people love pictures!

Get Ready to Crush the Competition

If you’re not an expert at using digital marketing tools, you may want to consider pairing with a lender, like EnerBank USA, that provides a variety of marketing support, best practices, and proven sales strategies. To learn more, fill out the contact form on this page or visit our website.


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