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Contractors: Here’s How to Close More Sales in Your Home Improvement Business

You might have a great reputation and an admirable work ethic, but ultimately, as a contractor sales won’t reach their full potential unless you put in the time and effort. If you’re struggling to close deals, even with an impressive pool of potential clients, you won’t bring in the cash you need to help your […]

Decisions, Decisions: Instilling Confidence in Your Customers

Choosing to start a renovation is a big decision for a homeowner, let alone everything that comes next. Throughout the process, you may hit roadblocks as a customer goes back and forth on whether or not they’re making the right decision. So, how can you, as the contractor, help ease those concerns and leave your […]

How Offering Payment Options Can Increase Sales

Contractors who provide their customer with a choice of payment options, such as a Same-As-Cash Loan, are utilizing an important Increased Competitive Advantage: a tool that’s proven to increase sales. Financing can make contractors more attractive to homeowners because they don’t have to worry about obtaining financing on their own. According to Dave MacLean, senior […]

3 ways to grow your business by over 50% in less than 12-months

Contractors know that growing their businesses can be challenging. And, they agree that it takes considerable effort to achieve their sales goals. But, with proper planning and a winning strategy, contractors can grow their businesses faster than ever! Here’s how! An independent study conducted within the home improvement industry found that contractors who offer a […]

How a Well-Trained Sales Team Can Grow Your Business

According to the Home Improvement Research Institute, more than a third of homeowners who completed a home-improvement project within the last year regret not spending more on their project. This finding comes from the Regret Factor Study, led by Brenda Bryan, executive director of the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI). According to […]

How Should I Be Offering Financing to My Customers?

For many businesses, it’s not uncommon for customers to underestimate the cost of quality improvements and other large purchases. This occurs across many industries, like real estate, automotive, home improvement, and home furnishing, to name several. Today, we’ll focus on the benefits of financing projects within the home improvement industry. Why Offer Financing? What Type […]

7 quick-tips to jump-start your business in 2019

If you haven’t thought about jump-starting your business in the new year, you only have a few more week to get started! So, be sure to set aside time now to think and plan because as the famous adage often attributed to Benjamin Franklin goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” You may believe […]

How Financing Options Can Flood Your Business with Happy Customers

Waterproofing a home isn’t something a homeowner generally considers until it’s too late. Major snow melts or big rainstorms result in water seeping through windows or holes in the walls. This can cause damage to carpets and furniture—with great potential for mold if it isn’t fixed quickly. The cost of fixing problems and preventing future […]

Increase your summer sales—here’s how

School’s out, the temperatures are beginning to rise, and summer is almost here. For a lot of people, that means vacation, trips to the beach, and lazy days by the pool. But for business owners, it can also mean stress—in the form of a summer sales slump. Some businesses heat up during the summer months, […]

Tips for delivering a killer sales pitch

An amazing sales pitch is critical when it comes to gaining market share for your business or generating interest in your product or service. And, laying a solid foundation before pitching the sales is also crucial. This can be accomplished by asking probing questions and listening to your customer’s needs before pitching anything—because a prematurely […]

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