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Networking to Increase Your Leads

Posted January 30, 2024 by EnerBank USA

Networking to Increase Your Leads

After a busy few years, your home improvement business may have found itself with more time on its hands. As your backlog decreases, it’s time to look for ways to increase your leads. One great way to do this is by growing your network and launching new partnerships with those in the industry. Check out some examples of networking opportunities that can benefit your business:

Local Business Associations

Joining a business association or your local chamber of commerce can help you make great connections in your community. Beyond the connections, it may also present the opportunity to sponsor local events or advertise in publications, helping get your name out even more.

Home Improvement Shows

Hundreds of home and trade shows take place each year. From general home improvement down to the most specific trade, you’re bound to find a good fit for your needs. Not only do trade shows provide a great opportunity to make connections with those in the industry, but you can discover what your peers are doing to help level up their business. Plus, home shows are a great way to meet customers who are already interested in a potential home project.

Interior Designers

Depending on the work you do, connecting with local interior designers could lead to more work. For example, say an interior designer works with a homeowner and they mention they’re wanting to redo their kitchen. The designer can then pass along your information as a trusted association. On the flip side, once completing a renovation job, you can pass along the contact information for the designer to build a true partnership.

Real Estate Agents

Customers share a lot with their real estate agent during the home buying process. This is especially true when it comes to potential home improvements they would make. Like noted above with an interior designer, you can build a partnership where the agent recommends you to their customers and you can do the same. Additionally, when someone is getting ready to put their home on the market, their real estate agent can recommend you for work they need done.

Online Connections

Sometimes you don’t even need to leave the office to build your network. Search online for networking groups or websites aimed at discourse. You can also take advantage of social media and drum up connection by regularly posting or following other contractors.

Networking to Increase Your Leads

Don’t forget, making connections is the easy part – It’s nurturing and developing these relationships that’s the tricky part. It’s not just what they can do for you, but also what you can do for them. Try to never burn bridges, even if the connection doesn’t work out, as there’s always the chance you can cross paths again in the future. Finally, networking to increase your leads isn’t limited to the listed options. They can happen any time. Learn to recognize the signs of a potential connection and take advantage whenever you can.


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