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Increase leads – Customer Retention: Why you should always be in near constant contact

Posted June 14, 2024 by EnerBank USA

Increase leads customer retention

Retaining Customers & Why It Matters

If you’re not keeping in contact with your customers, you may be missing out on a big opportunity to get more leads and close more jobs. It’s been estimated that it costs 5 times as much to attract a new customer than it does to retain an old one. Fortunately, keeping in touch with your customers is easier than you may be thinking. Here are some tips to help you keep in contact and stay top of mind when it comes to referrals:

Always Collect Feedback

Whenever you complete a job, you should always ask the customer for feedback. This is an effective way to grow your business on two counts. First, most consumers turn to the internet to help them locate a contractor. If you have a plethora of positive reviews from former customers, it increases the likelihood they’ll reach out to you for a bid. Second, it can help you improve your overall customer experience. When a customer shares a pain point they experienced working with you, you can come up with a plan to fix it in the future. When customers see you take your feedback seriously, they’re more likely to refer you their own friends and family.

Be Where They Are

One of the best ways to stay in contact with your customers is to be on the channels where they are. This can mean social media or through email. The more you’re in front of them, the more likely you are to be top of mind. Having a strong online community of satisfied customers is a great way to get your business in front of more eyeballs. If you’re new to the social media game, check out our free guide to help you get started.

Create an Incentive Program

Sometimes, all it takes is a little extra something to get your customers to recommend you to their friends and family. For example, Regions Home Improvement offers an incentive program for referrals. If the referred contractor activates with us, we send an Amazon gift card as a thank you to the person who submitted the referral.

Provide Education

Depending on the type of work you do, it may be helpful to provide tips once the project is complete. Let’s say that you’re an HVAC contractor. Once the project is complete, you can send the customer a quarterly newsletter that let them know what they can do to keep their system running for as long as possible.

The Next Steps

Retaining customers is just one of the ways you can get more leads to help grow your business. For additional tips & tricks, check out our Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Home Improvement Business. . There are several downloads that are available right now and more are on the way!


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