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How to Stand Out on Houzz—and Why You Really Want To

Posted August 5, 2015 by EnerBank USA

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It’s a different world for home improvement contractors than it used to be. Real estate shoppers and home improvement seekers no longer open the phone book and call the first service provider they find. Now, before you even hear from them, they’ve often done extensive research themselves from their own homes.

This means that your online presence is paramount. You have a handful of seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention, and another handful to keep it. You have to show who you are and what you can do quickly, and you have to do it well.

Casual shoppers will usually start with sites like Pinterest, where they can browse all sorts of ideas and make folders of everything they like. When they get more serious, however, they’ll go to a site like Houzz, where they can see something they want—let’s say it’s something of yours—and be put in contact with you directly.

Houzz is quickly becoming the social networking website for home improvement contractors and home designers. Upwards of 15 million users are browsing 2 million uploaded photos from established home improvement brands.


Don’t worry. There are ways to stand out.

Renovate your profile
It’s a given that you need a visually strong Houzz portfolio to get noticed. But where you really stand out is making sure your marketing team is updating it often. Revive your profile with new pictures and current projects to keep your followers coming back to see what’s new, and to keep your brand in their feed.

Show project flow
Posting updates on a project from start to finish can be absolutely captivating to individuals who are thinking of doing that very thing to their own homes. Give tips and tricks, and tell them what to expect along the way.

If you’re a source of relevant information, you will build a faithful following.

Let people pick your brain
Conversation threads on Houzz can generate a lot of interest. Commenting on someone’s dilemma with your expert advice can get you noticed. Starting the conversation yourself can bring attention to your brand, and it’s a great way to build your following. This is where those updates to your portfolio come in handy—people will click on your profile, and you want them to instantly see what you have to offer and browse your photos.

Get reviews
When your followers interact with other Houzz users, you can find yourself in the middle of a great conversation. Keep your own page fresh, and be ready to respond to questions. Offer your satisfied customers extra perks to post a positive review to your profile.

By incorporating these tips into your Houzz profile, potential customers will continually have your brand in their feeds—and your company in the forefront of their minds. Begin building a following today, stand out from the competition, and watch your business grow.