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How to Help Company Image to Improve Revenue

Posted September 20, 2016 by EnerBank USA

improve company image

How the world views your business is critical to its overall success.

We live in a world where every business has an image, regardless of how large or small the marketing budget or how the brand has been promoted. The digital arena has created a space for everyone to showcase their product or service. Companies do not even have to create a webpage to find a review for their business on at least one online platform, and usually more. Businesses have to ask themselves, “Is my company image positively recognized and regarded?”

Here are just some of the ways your company image can affect your revenue, particularly when selling home improvement solutions.

Improving the Customer Experience Will Garner More Sales

Customers today are more informed and vocal about what they want than ever before. How many times have you encountered a customer who knew exactly what he or she wanted and seemed to grasp the technical details of his or her home improvement project? In many cases, the customer’s knowledge can be based on misleading information gathered through a simple online search. Regardless of the customer’s actual expertise, home improvement contractors need to learn how to improve the customer experience in the digital space, especially.

In an article from Business 2 Community, Lee Resources gathered that “91% of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with the same company again.” The article also reports that 70% of customers rate their buying experience based on how they felt they were treated. This can be incredibly frustrating for salespeople and business owners, especially when they believe that they delivered a personalized and attentive experience. However, it ultimately comes down to how the customer felt.

Take some time to determine how you can go above and beyond to improve the customer experience. Customers in need of a home improvement project may already be wary of your sales tactics; they are looking for a personalized experience based on trust.

Another important item to consider is how a negative customer experience can impact your future sales. Displeased customers tend to be more vocal about their experience than satisfied customers. They will leave online reviews, tweet about your service, or share their experience on sites like Facebook and Yelp.

Trust is essential in creating a positive relationship between your business and the customer. Once trust has been established, your business will have a significant advantage over your competition.

For more advice on how to reel in your customers for referrals and repeat business, read our post, “7 Tips for Improving the Customer Experience.”

The Design of Your Logo Will Speak Volumes for Your Company Image

The look of your logo, company website, and brand conveys a lot about your company. Is your logo or website outdated? Visually does everything align well and is it aesthetically pleasing?

Your customers may not be experts in graphic design, but they recognize a poorly designed logo when they see one. Consult with a designer on how to create a logo, website, and overall brand that accurately reflects your company’s mission with a clean, professional look.

To learn more about how website design affects conversion rates, read this post from Business 2 Community. If you’re looking for general design tips, check out this article on tips for non-designers.

Establish Your Business as an Authority with Regular Blog Posting

Regularly posting to a blog is extremely beneficial for your company’s image. Not only does it have the potential to drive more traffic to your website, but it can also establish your company as an authority in your market.

By covering topics that your customers are interested in, you’ll enhance the customer experience outside of the sales process. When you produce useful content, your customers will view your business as an authority and resource, which in turn will establish both trust and customer loyalty.

For an in-depth guide to creating a successful blog for your business, read this article from HubSpot. You’ll learn what it takes to define your target audience, how to reach them, and how to promote your blog content. There are also links inside the article to download a template as well as a free eBook.

Expand Your Business Through a Well-Executed Social Media Strategy

Social media has given millions of online users a voice they never knew they had. Be sure that your company is well represented across the various social media platforms, especially so that you can engage with customers and respond to feedback.


Has your brand recently undergone a brand overhaul or has your logo recently undergone a design change? Make sure that profile pictures, images, messaging, and posts are consistent across your various social media accounts.

It’s also helpful to understand how to create a social media strategy—and to actually do that. For example, posting multiple times a day on Twitter, or at least interacting with customers and other accounts, is essential in order to gain a following and Twitter presence. Facebook, in contrast, will penalize your business page if you are posting too many times a day. However, interaction with your following is a general rule to follow across all social media platforms. Take the time to answer your followers’ home improvement questions and concerns.


Social media can be intimidating, but implementing this type of strategy for your business is essential in order to grow and establish a positive image. Hootesuite has a detailed article that walks readers through the necessary steps when creating a social media strategy. You’ll not only learn how to perform a social media audit, but you’ll gain valuable insights about improving your social accounts and how to create a content calendar. For additional tips, take a look at this article from Entrepreneur.

Give Employees a Sense of Ownership to Positively Reflect Your Business

You can have a successful blog and a strong social media presence, but if your employees are dissatisfied with their jobs, it will negatively impact your sales success. Even satisfied employees may lack at times the motivation it takes to grow your business, so the question becomes, How can you motivate your employees to become invested in the company’s success and keep them that way?

Granting them a sense of ownership is a start. When employees feel that they are an integral part of your company, they are more likely to go above and beyond for your bottom line. Check out our post “Six Steps to Create a Culture of Ownership with Your Employees” for detailed tips on what you can do today.

Furthermore, your employees are a direct reflection of your company’s image, and you want a team that is in line with the one you’ve worked hard to establish. Dedicate time to improving morale within your company, and invest in your employee’s happiness and job satisfaction.


Another way to improve your company image and increase your home improvement sales is to offer a choice of payment options to all of your customers. By partnering with an FDIC bank like EnerBank USA, you can increase your average project size and close more sales. Our payment options help your customers do the projects they really want today rather than in stages.

Discover how partnering with a trustworthy bank can help your company image and your bottom line, contact EnerBank today 888-704-5376.


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