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How the Right Partners Can Create a Competitive Edge in the Eyes of Homeowners

Posted November 28, 2016 by EnerBank USA

How the right partners can create a competitive edge in the eyes of homeowners

Home improvement contractors are always in search for ways to close more leads and secure larger projects. Sure, offering a variety of material options, garnering positive customer reviews, and establishing customer trust are all essential, but what else can contractors do to create a competitive edge in the eyes of homeowners? One way is to work with the best partners. Here is what you need to know when working with partners:

Who Are Your Partners?

The homeowner is looking for a remodeling contractor who will provide a pleasant customer experience. When the project has been completed, it is the customer experience which will encourage or discourage referrals and recommendations. As a home improvement contractor, you can fulfill every promise and expectation on your end, but what about your partners? Be sure to conduct extensive research into who your partners are; their reputations, work experience, customer reviews, quality of work, etc.

The Right Partners Enhance the Customer Experience

When working with partners, there is a great opportunity to enhance the customer experience. While the wrong partners can negatively impact your business and its reputation, the right partners can positively impact your revenue and increase customer referrals.

As one of the largest specialized home improvement loan lenders in the industry, EnerBank USA understands the importance of providing the best financial options to home improvement contractors. When it comes to how your customers will pay for their projects, they can trust that EnerBank will provide them with an unbeatable choice of payment options.

Your Partners Reflect on You and Your Business

Part of the customer experience will rely on the experience they have with your partners. If you’ve carefully selected your partners, then your reputation should improve. However, if you were careless in your search or if you have not properly followed up on their work, then it’s possible your partners can damage your reputation.

To gain a competitive edge, seek to work with only the best partners in their respective fields. Even after a meticulous selection process, make sure your partners understand who you are and what you represent to your customers.

Customers will not look upon partners as individual businesses that work independently of your own. If customers experience poor work from one of your partners, it will have a direct negative effect on your business.


To keep your customers happy, it’s important to do a thorough check when selecting the right partners. And when your customers are satisfied, your reputation will soar as will your referrals.