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On Trend: Home Renovation in 2022

Posted May 17, 2022 by EnerBank USA

2022 home design trends

As the wants and needs of homeowners change, so do the expectations for everyone in the industry. One important aspect of all contractors’ jobs is to stay on top of home improvement trends in order to provide the best service and experience for their customers.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the trends you can expect this year.

Sustainability Rules

Homes built with sustainability in mind typically have lower maintenance costs, lower utility bills, and a higher return on investment. Expect to see an increase in eco-friendly, natural construction materials used in both renovation and new construction.

“Eco-friendly materials will be more popular than ever before,” shares Yoselin Castro, Senior Interior Designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors. “People are seeing the advantages of integrating energy-efficient products in their spaces as a way to reduce heating and lighting needs.”

For the exterior of the home, you can expect to see a rise in drought-resistant landscaping, like synthetic turf and native plants, as people are searching for ways to save both money and water, especially in drier climates.

Additionally, experts say the smart home market will generate about $53.5 billion in 2022, paving the way for more business.

Outdoor Living

According to Houzz senior economist, Marine Sargsyan, homeowners are investing 25% more into outdoor living projects, such as patios, decks, and terraces. This is a result of people wanting to maximize their living space, having spent more time at home over the past couple of years.

“It used to be that outdoor living areas were one of the last topics to be discussed on our projects and by that time, clients had often run out of money and/or suffered from a serious case of decision fatigue,” says interior designer Jean Liu. “However, the pandemic has changed the priority this part of the house takes. Serious dollars are now being allocated to outdoor living at the onset of every new residential project, and we do not see this waning in 2022.”

Customers now more than ever are being innovative and utilizing the space they have, including on the front and the sides of the home to create relaxing spots, as well as increase the curb appeal of their homes.

Multi-Purpose Rooms

With people still working from home, many now need rooms that serve multiple purposes in a functional way. “The pandemic led us to acknowledge the importance of the home as a haven,” notes designer Alice Dahbura-Borges. “We will continue to see the demand for versatility in the home where one space can be transformed and molded for different activities: a dining table or kitchen island can double as a desk.”

“Multifunctional spaces are coming in hot in 2022 and are most likely here to stay,” says Yoselin Castro. Being at home for months on end, she says “allowed many people (especially those design enthusiasts) to realize how they use each space in their home and the better functions they could be introducing in a single room.”

Briana Ellis Hoag, AIA, founder of Ritual Architecture, shares her perspective: “I think what’s changing in home design is a more balanced approach to remodeling and expanding to meet your family’s needs,” she says. “Last year it was carving out home offices and home study areas. This year, I think while that is still important, it’s more of a bigger picture consideration of how we can make our homes more of an oasis where we want to spend more time, even if we don’t need to as much these days.”

Not-So Open Concept

Open concept living isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, many contractors have seen an increase of people who are wanting separate, defined living spaces in their homes. This includes adding doors and partitions to create spaces where people can work, entertain, or just live their day-to-day life. There has also been an uptick in people creating soundproofed spaces in their homes. This is to help avoid interruptions during their work-from-home meetings.

Bathroom Getaways

While the kitchen remodel remains king, you can expect to see an increase in bathroom overhauls this year. The average cost of a bathroom remodel is around $8,000.

New York architect and interior designer Adam Rolston of INC Architecture & Design has noticed this change too. “Recently, we’ve definitely seen around a 10-15% increase in bathroom size,” he said. More personality is finding its way to the bathroom, regardless of the size. Decor usually seen in other living spaces, such as chandeliers, are now being seen in this area of the home. According to Rolston, designers “mix nostalgia with forward thinking” when it comes to recent bathroom design.

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