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Fall Doesn’t Have to Mean Falling Revenues

Posted October 12, 2017 by EnerBank USA


Contractors, if you’re not already offering payment options to every customer on every sale, the change in leaf color might indicate it’s also time for a change in your closing process. With some business naturally drying up as the season gets cooler and wetter, you can’t afford to settle for smaller sales or failure to close on the projects that do come your way this autumn.

We recommend employing a simple, three-pronged approach during your sale to help increase your average job size as well as your overall close rate, while creating happier customers who are more likely to refer you to friends and family.

One. Mention EnerBank payment options right up front when you’re first setting your sales appointment. For example, your appointment setter could say, “Alright, your appointment is confirmed. When Tom is there, be sure to ask him about our flexible payment options, such as 12-months Same-As- Cash or our low interest, low monthly payment plan.” This will plant the seed in their minds and reduce the chance of a price objection later.

Two. Bring up payment options once again when you are building rapport face-to-face with your customer. Don’t just use payment options as a way to “save the sale.” Make it an integral part of your presentation by working it into such concepts as increasing the scope to meet the customers’ true desires, or helping them make the decision to use higher quality materials. The payment options you offer are less about financing and more about assisting the customer with achieving the highest satisfaction possible.

Three. Talk about payment options one more time when presenting the estimate. This can help reduce any sticker shock the customer may have, by helping them realize there are simple ways to make their money work for them. It’s not so much a matter of making the project affordable as recognizing that payment options provide flexibility to manage their funds in the way that works best for them. When closing, your sales rep can move forward under the assumption that their smart customer will avail themselves of one of a couple of appropriate payment options. (There are many options, of course, but limiting the choices to two or three will help avoid analysis paralysis.) So, now that you’re wrapping things up, it’s the perfect time to pull out your tablet with the easy-to-use Mobile Loan App, and explain that they could get approved in minutes.

Using this three step approach consistently, it’ll be smooth sailing into the cool fall days and right through the long nights of winter!