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Bathroom Trends for 2024

Posted January 16, 2024 by EnerBank USA

Bathroom Trends for 2024

A new year brings about new trends in home improvement, and the bathroom is no exception. Though it be one of the smaller rooms, it provides a BIG opportunity when it comes to renovation and design. Check out 5 bathroom trends for 2024:

<h2id=”timeless-trends”>Timeless Touches

More people are choosing to stay in their homes long term as opposed to moving. This means that renovation choices are being made with the idea of being there awhile. Ironically, this may also result in homeowners choosing to balk trendier options and stick with the tried and true. According to Mitchell Parker, Houzz senior editor, this can include “brick, handmade clay tiles, rustic wood elements and arches that create a feeling of quiet luxury.” Also included in this idea are energy efficient light and water features as well as accessible designs for aging.

Spa-Like Spaces

A new year can often mean resolutions for health and wellness, and this may spill over into design choices. Look for an uptick in upgraded amenities such as steam showers, saunas, heated floors, cold plunges, and more. You may also see an increased demand for decorative/statement lighting including backlit mirrors, under-vanity lighting, and dimming options.

Tile Patterns

This trend can be interpreted in three ways. First, in the actual arrangement of the tile. This can include hex, chevron, and herringbone designs as opposed to square mosaics or slabs of tile. Second, it can also mean textured tiles which can add dimension to the space. Finally, the actual color and style of the tile. According to Laurence Carr, founder and CEO of Laurance Carr, “abstract shapes, made with hexagons, circles, and squiggles are creating complex and unique designs that are perfect for both floors and walls”.

Natural Earth Tones

While whites and greys aren’t going anywhere, more people are incorporating natural colors and elements into their homes. Green tops the list, according to the NKBA/KBIS 2024 Bath Trends Report, with 35% of respondents saying that’s their ideal bathroom hue. You can also see this shift in vanities with warm, natural wood increasing in popularity as it lends itself to multiple aesthetics. Molly Torres Portnof, founder of DATE Interiors says “natural materials, like marble, wood, ceramic and clay, will be more prominent in bathrooms in 2024. They infuse any space, including bathrooms, with richness and warmth.”

Mixed Metals

In addition to more colors and earth tones, people are moving away from having all their metals match. This includes tapware and hardware. Mixing metals can give a bathroom a more organic look and help make them a unique focal point of the room.

5 Bathroom Trends for 2024

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