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7 Marketing Blogs Great for Home Improvement Contractors

Posted June 26, 2019 by EnerBank USA


Many marketing experts dedicate their lives to keeping up with the latest trends, allowing contractors to focus on more important things like increasing leads and boosting sales for their business.

And, with access to nearly limitless information in our digital world, finding the most useful resources can be a challenge. To help, we’ve created a list of seven home improvement industry-specific marketing blogs that are full of helpful marketing tips and tactics you can use to help with your marketing efforts.

  • Construction Informer

    This multifaceted blog tops the list for many reasons. Its sleek organization makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, its posts have everything from tips on how to keep your business from failing to the importance of building tornado-proof homes, and it’s well-written. The posts are easy to read, whether you’re skimming through or sitting down for a deeper understanding.

  • Construction Marketing Association

    Emerging from the 2009 recession, the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) is a group of professionals with a mission to share better marketing practices that will yield results. CMA’s website offers more than just blogs. They also have webcasts, conferences, and training programs to get your company’s marketing team in shape.

  • Construction Digital

    Construction Global magazine brings you even-more page-turners with their digital content. Their online articles are full of well-researched posts about growing your business, using social media, and top industry trends.

  • Build Blog

    Build Blog is a modern design site that talks about trends through interviews and insights from experts. This site has many architecture-centric ideas about how to market yourself with captivating photos and boost your design savvy to better communicate with customers, yielding happy clients, and positive referrals.

  • Improveit! 360 Blog

    This blog wants to help home improvement pros boost their profit margins. Improveit! 360 focuses on getting more leads and converting them into sales, as well as generating strategic partnerships with companies and industry moguls like Angie’s List.

  • Professional Remodeler

    Professional Remodeler’s website offers an entire section dedicated to divulging marketing tactics and news. This section includes posts about how to combat bad reviews using social media or write a killer press release. It’s a great place to go for some quick marketing information.

  • Remodeler’s Advantage Powertips

    Remodeler’s Advantage is a support organization dedicated to helping remodeling contractors and business owners grow their company and improve their work environment. Their Power tips guide is made up of financial and marketing posts aimed at boosting business.


The journey to developing a comprehensive marketing strategy can be long, but these online marketing blogs are some of the best out there.

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