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7 Effective Marketing Ideas for Home Improvement Contractors

Posted October 4, 2022 by EnerBank USA

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As a contractor in the home improvement industry, odds are you’re up against stiff competition — and lots of it. But how can you differentiate yourself and reach potential clients? Especially when there are numerous businesses offering the same services and competing in the same space? Execute a well-planned marketing strategy. Below are some home improvement marketing ideas that you can use to attract customers and keep business coming in.

Build a Responsive, Cohesive Website

Most of today’s homeowners are internet-savvy — and busy, so they’ll likely run a quick search first when they need something done in their home. If you don’t have a website or it isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re likely putting yourself out of the running before the race even begins.

But simply having a website doesn’t guarantee a stream of customers. Your website needs essential information about what you have to offer, and should be designed so customers can find what they’re looking for in as few clicks as possible. People are highly visual, so showcase your completed works and positive customer feedback to entice them into learning more.

Create Quality Content

One of the often overlooked but best contractor marketing ideas is to regularly produce value-rich content. This may include FAQs, home improvement project ideas, and tips and tricks. One great way to house all this content is a blog for your business, but make sure you’re following best practices to get the most out of it.

By providing helpful information consistently, you build a reputation as a credible, knowledgeable resource. That’s in addition to being a great contractor! And that means clients are more likely to gravitate towards your company because they’ll view you as a trustworthy resource.

Remain Social

Networking is a crucial marketing strategy — always be building your connections. You never know when someone you meet at an event will need your services or want to refer you to someone they know.

Being social shouldn’t be limited to physical events only — you must be on social media as well. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram let you reach a wider audience and engage with them through meaningful posts. This also gives you another great platform to utilize the content you’re creating — so you can maximize your time!

Run Ads — Offline and Online

There are many contractor marketing ideas, but none are as tried and tested as advertisements. Ads are an excellent, effective way to put your business front and center — highlighting what makes you great. Choose from various media, such as billboards and print ads, to increase brand awareness.

You can also go the digital route with pay-per-click ads through Google and Facebook. One advantage of this type of ad is that they’re targeted — meaning they only appear when matching specific relevant keywords and audience segments. For example, if someone searches for “home remodeling in Chicago,” and you’re a Chicago-based company that offers the service, your ad shows up. Best of all, you can decide how to budget the ad spend based on desired results.

Touch Base through Email

Not all homeowners are active on social media. So, if you want your bases covered, why not send emails to past and potential clients? Like other home improvement marketing ideas, sending an email once in a while remains a good strategy, as it keeps you top of mind.

Send out newsletters, company news, ongoing promotions, and other helpful project-related information. Have a regular schedule and plan your email content, but don’t send too often, or you can come off sounding like a sales pitch, as this turns off recipients and may lead to them unsubscribing.

Introduce a Referral Program

A great way to promote your home improvement business is through word of mouth. When past clients swear by your work, they’re more likely to recommend you to their family members, friends, and colleagues. This is a vital resource for your business, as it’s been shown that a customer is 4x more likely to buy if they were recommended by someone they trust. Show appreciation to your loyal customers by giving them an incentive for the referral.

Perks may be in the form of complimentary service, discount vouchers, or gift cards. To entice a referred client, you may want to offer them a reward for choosing your business.

Offer Customer Financing

If you’re looking for unique home improvement marketing ideas, here’s one that you may not have considered — customer financing.

Giving your customers a flexible, affordable way to pay for their remodeling projects can help set you apart from the competition. It lets the homeowner realize their dream home without having to pay for it upfront or use other, more complicated financing methods.

Our research shows that when you advertise a choice of payment options in your marketing materials and on your website, you can see a 50% increase in leads, plus a better conversion rate*.

Not an expert in marketing? We can help. As a part of your payment options program, you can request customized marketing materials, so you’re always putting your best foot forward with your customers — at no additional cost!

If you’re ready to offer fuss-free financing, contact us today by filling out the form on this page. We offer loan programs tailored to fit you and your client’s needs.

*Brickyard Study, 2018


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