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5 Strategies for a Compelling Sales Pitch

Posted December 4, 2023 by EnerBank USA

5 Strategies for a Compelling Sales Pitch

A potential customer is likely reaching out to and meeting with several contractors before they book the job. At this stage in the process, what can you do to make sure that your business stands out from everybody else? Have a great sales pitch! Here are 5 strategies for a compelling sales pitch and start growing your business.

Tell a Story

A narrative is a great way to keep the attention of your customers, especially when they’ve most likely already heard variations of this pitch before speaking to you. Humanizing your business can make a big impact on a potential customer and make you memorable when it comes time for them to decide.

Focus on Benefits

The customer knows what you do. At this point, they need to hear what you are going to do for them. What services and benefits that you provide that go above and beyond what your competition might be doing? Do you provide a more extensive clean up? Has your experience given you a unique leg up on your competitors? Does your warranty beat out the other contractors? Present all this information to the customer to help further separate yourself from the other contractors they’re meeting with.

Include Data

Homeowners often underestimate how much a project is going to cost, especially with fluctuating prices. This is your chance to sell on value rather than price, and a great way to do that is by presenting data. For example, let’s say you’re an HVAC contractor and a customer is considering using a higher-rated AC, but the price is making them indecisive. Here is where you can present data about energy-efficient units, and how the homeowner can benefit in the long run.

Use Social Proof

You can tell a customer how great you are at your job until the cows come home. However, it won’t make as big of an impact as how great others say you are. Showing a potential customer that other homeowners have used you and loved the end results is going help you close more jobs. People are more likely to trust you do the job because others before them have. Examples of social proof for you could be online reviews, customer testimonials, number of jobs completed, awards you’ve won, and more.

Offer Payment Options

Many homeowners aren’t sure how they’re going to pay for their project before talking to a contractor. By offering your own financing, you can easily overcome one of the biggest hurdles during a sales pitch – the price. Your customers are looking for ease and convenience when it comes to paying for their home improvement and financing from EnerBank can do just that.

Strategies for a Compelling Sales Pitch

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