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Your strategic business partners matter—here’s why

Posted February 27, 2018 by EnerBank USA

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In the home improvement industry, standing out from your competitors can be difficult. Many home improvement contractors try doing this by offering a variety of building materials or services and by posting positive customer reviews. While there’s no doubt these strategies are essential to business growth, contractors can do more to create a competitive advantage that sets them apart from their competitors. One way to do this—work with the best strategic business partners you can. Here are a few things contractors should consider when it comes to partnerships:

Who Are Your Strategic Business Partners? You should conduct extensive research into who you choose as partners. It’s important to know their reputations, work experience, customer reviews, and the quality of their work. As a home improvement contractor, you can fulfill every promise and expectation on your end, but if your strategic business partners don’t, will your customer encourage or discourage referrals and recommendations? It’s important to remember that the work of your partners reflects on you. Be sure your partners are giving your customers a fantastic customer experience and providing the same high-quality work that you do.

Your Partners Reflect on You and Your Business. Part of the success of your business will rely on the experience your customers have with your partners. If you’ve carefully selected your partners, then your reputation should be respectable. However, if you were careless in your search, or if you have not properly followed up on their work, then it’s possible your partners can damage your reputation.

Even after a meticulous selection process, make sure your partners understand who you are and what you expect of them for your customers. Remember, customers don’t look at partners as individual businesses working independently of yours. If your customer receives poor work from one of your partners or has an unpleasant experience, it will have a direct, negative effect on you and your business.

The Right Partners Can Enhance Your Customers Experience. When working with partners, there is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your customers experience. While the wrong partners can negatively impact your business and its reputation, the right partners can positively affect your revenue and increase customer referrals.

One strategic business partner that every contractor should have is EnerBank USA
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