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Tips for delivering a killer sales pitch

Posted April 23, 2018 by EnerBank USA

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An amazing sales pitch is critical when it comes to gaining market share for your business or generating interest in your product or service. And, laying a solid foundation before pitching the sales is also crucial. This can be accomplished by asking probing questions and listening to your customer’s needs before pitching anything—because a prematurely delivered sales pitch is as ineffective as a bad pitch.
So, as you get ready to deliver your killer sales pitch using the tips below, remember that your body language, tone of voice, and listening to your customer’s responses are just as important as the words you use.
Present solutions, not features. You are proud of the details of your product or service, and, it may be hard to believe, but most customers aren’t interested in your product—they’re only interested in what your product will do for them: How will it solve their problems? How will it help them to achieve their goals faster and with less effort? How will it save them time or money? So, it’s important when preparing to deliver your sales pitch that you leverage the answers to the questions you asked earlier and use them to translate your product’s features into customer benefits. Don’t focus on the bells and whistles, but rather on what they will do for your customer.
Manage objections. Most people fail to prepare for objections. Don’t make this mistake—identify 10 to 20 of the most common objections you may come up against and prepare an answer for each of them. Remember to keep your answers clear and concise. Practice your answers, but don’t be robotic, make sure you are comfortable enough that they roll off your tongue. Then, when you encounter an objection in a sales conversation, you won’t need to think about what to say—you’ll be able to answer questions confidently and create trust. If you prepare for objections, you will look forward to addressing them. Most salespeople fear and try to avoid objections. Great salespeople do the opposite.
Plan on rejection. In sales, you often need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep on going—dealing with rejection is an essential skill. It requires emotional stability to take a “no” and still go into the next meeting filled with positive energy and enthusiasm. The number of people who won’t buy will always be larger than the number of people who will so remember that you’ll encounter more “no’s” than “yesses”—and that’s okay—because it’s the way the sales game works.
Ask for referrals. This is an essential step to creating a truly successful sales process. So, make it part of your pitch. When a prospect has already made a buying decision say, “Great, if you’re happy with our product, please recommend us to others who you think might benefit from our solution as well.” It can be that simple—but don’t forget to always be asking.
Follow-up. While follow-up is not technically part of the sales pitch delivery, it is an important component of the sales process, because no matter how fantastic your sales pitch, if you fail to follow-up it wins you nothing. So, be consistent and reliable—follow through on your word. Keep following up until you get either a “yes” or a definite “no.” But never, ever interpret a lack of response or any other kind of message as a “no.” Winning in sales happens in the follow-up. Be relentless.
In conclusion. Use these tips in the delivery of your sales pitch, and you will be amazed at the confidence you’ll feel, and the success that will come with it! And, remember, an effective sales pitch paired with EnerBank USA’s unbeatable choice of payment options, will increase your close rates even more. If you haven’t discovered the power of payment options, be sure to visit EnerBank.com to learn more.