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The importance of integrity—it matters more than ever

Posted September 24, 2018 by EnerBank USA


We’ve grown accustomed to the erosion of integrity in our modern world. We are used to being on hold with customer support for what feels like hours, listening to repeated messages like, “Your call is important to us.” We’ve become so accustomed to products that fail to deliver, that at times we forget even to return them. And we know, perhaps skeptically, that the person who said they would call, never will.

On the other hand, we are pleasantly surprised when someone does what they say they will. We are taken aback when we get a human on the other end of a customer service line. And, when a company stands behind its products, we stay loyal to it—because these are the people and companies with integrity. And integrity makes people and companies stand a head taller than the rest.

The best-selling author of The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz, declares integrity to be so vital in his book that he’s placed it as one of his agreements saying, “Be impeccable with your word. Speak with Integrity. Say only what you mean.”

What exactly is integrity anyway? Integrity means standing by your word in everything you do. When you take money for a service or a product, you stand behind that service or product with everything you have. A business transaction is a test of your integrity. Do you deliver what you say you deliver? Do you turn yourself inside out to deliver for your client?

Having integrity with others. Having integrity does not mean that you can always deliver, but it does mean you’ll do everything in your power to do so. Ruiz calls it “turning yourself inside out.” Unless you’ve turned yourself inside out to keep your word, you do not show integrity.

Of course, you can always renegotiate your agreement. That also can be a form of integrity. Instead of trying to please too many people because you’ve overcommitted, admit it, and then use your word to renegotiate the agreement.

Having integrity with yourself. Having integrity with yourself is just as important. Do you keep your word to yourself? When you decide to lose weight or change a habit, do you follow through or do you let weak behavior get the better of you?

Most New Year’s resolutions don’t last because people lack integrity with themselves. The more our word lets us down, the less conviction we have in our word, and ultimately, in ourselves. And, when we wear down our confidence in ourselves, all of our relationships suffer.

So, how can we have integrity? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Keep your word: Whatever you say you’ll do, do it. If you know you can’t do it, then don’t say you will. If you make the mistake of overpromising, renegotiate your word if necessary, but never go back on it.
  2. Be honest: Speak your thoughts and feelings honestly. Never use your words to mask the truth. Instead, make sure your words are the carriers of truth.
  3. Be deliberate with the words you tell yourself and others: Words carry an enormous weight to them. Your word means everything, to you, as well as others. Your words are powerful. Use them wisely.

When you stand behind your word and do everything you say, then you will soon learn to measure your word, not giving it lightly, and not giving it often. And when you do give it, there’s power and magic in it, because what you say you’ll do, you’ll do. When you have integrity, you will be a magnet to attract the right people into your life, because people want to do business with a person who keeps their word.

To learn more about a company that’s committed to working with integrity and delivering on its commitments, visit us today at enerbank.com.

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