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NEW: Combo Loans in the Mobile Loan App

Posted June 7, 2016 by EnerBank USA

combo loans in the mobile loan app

Solar panel contractors now have another easy way to get their customers started with an installation project. We’re excited to announce that homeowners looking for payment options for their solar projects can now use the EnerBank USA Mobile Loan App to apply for Combo Loans!

Using the option to apply for a Combo Loan in the Mobile Loan App will be a perfect addition to the contractor sales process, making it easy for contractors and their customers to swiftly move through the Combo Loan application experience.

A Combo Loan allows your solar customer to take advantage of two loans in one — a Same-As-Cash Loan and a reduced interest loan — with one simple application. The Same-As-Cash loan covers the federal tax incentive and the reduced interest loan gets the solar customer a low monthly payment about the amount of their monthly electric bill. Using our Mobile Loan App brings it all together for a smooth start to enjoying more affordable clean energy.

Contractors: If you have any questions about how to use the Combo Loan in the Mobile Loan App, your EnerBank relationship manager will be happy to help you.