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HVAC Insider Magazine Features EnerBank Tips on How to Ask About Financing to Close More Deals

Posted September 22, 2017 by EnerBank USA

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When selling HVAC products and services, few technicians and sales reps ask the right questions about financing, if they even ask it at all, according to a recent article in HVAC Insider by John Harris, EnerBank executive VP of sales and marketing.

“Asking money-related questions in the right way is a skill that must be learned to succeed in business in general,” Harris wrote. “It rarely comes naturally. As with any job—whether a car mechanic, home remodeler, or contractor—an HVAC technician must look under the hood at the financing question issue and fix what’s not working.”

Harris outlined three common problems technicians/sales reps experience when asking about financing with some tips on how to fix them—and how to fix them.

For the full article, visit http://www.hvacinsider.com/national/bus-3-mistakes-your-reps-are-making-when-discussing-financing – and look for more articles from Harris as he continues to share tips and tricks for offering financing options to help your sales reps close the sale every time.

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