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How Home Improvement Contractors Can Use Social Media to Increase Sales

Posted December 21, 2016 by EnerBank USA

use social media to increase sales

It seems there is never a shortage of homeowners looking to remodel or renovate. In fact, with the housing market recovering so well, home improvement projects and remodels will continue to increase in 2017. However, the home improvement contracting market is highly competitive, making it difficult and sometimes costly to secure valuable leads and new customers. Every opportunity to market and advertise is crucial to generating success. And home improvement contractors must consider and prioritize every marketing strategy option to increase their sales.

An often disregarded, but lucrative platform is social media. Social media may not seem like the most strategic decision when deciding where to focus marketing efforts. Yet, when contractors utilize these five tips, they can increase lead generation and sales.

1. Get Positive Reviews

The way people buy goods and services has changed. Now, more than ever, people rely heavily on online reviews before making a decision. With 88% of today’s consumers trusting online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, positive social media reviews may just be enough to clinch a new customer. In fact, customers’ tendency to compare services online before investing in a major project makes social media profiles a resource for prospective customers. Contractors with no reviews or few reviews may appear less trustworthy than contractors with many positive reviews. Good social media reviews can be just as powerful as referrals.

2. Respond Quickly

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when setting up social media platforms is posting occasionally and then otherwise neglecting their online presence. However, social media can be one of the best places to mine for potential customers. When a customer is evaluating and comparing different services, he or she may comment or send a message to the profile for more information. Failing to answer customer questions may turn them away from the business. Answering questions and responding to comments within a 24-48 hour period garners respect and a sense of trustworthiness. Being readily available to answer when customers seek to engage will keep customers interested in doing business with you and can help you close more sales.

3. Offer Specials

Social media platforms are one of the first places consumers look when it comes to special offers. Promoting special offers on social media increases consumers’ interaction with your brand and enhances your online presence. These specials can include free touch-ups, home inspections, consultation sessions, or financing options. Offering payment options and then advertising them on social media may just help convince customers and allow you to close a sale.

4. Retarget with Ads

Many social media platforms like Facebook allow advanced ad targeting. When investing in social media ads, you can create retargeting campaigns that track customers’ visits to your site. Focusing on prospective customers that have already visited the site is often much more lucrative than generalized ads because they’ve already shown initial interest in your services. Once the consumer has visited your site, they will be retargeted with your ads when visiting similar sites or simply browsing online. Being present in customers’ minds as they consider their options can help increase the chance that they’ll remember you when it comes time to choosing a contractor.

5. Lead Ads

Lead ads are another form of social advertising that can help you strengthen your online presence. Social media platforms allow you to target homeowners that may be considering a home improvement project. And with lead ads, you can capture interested consumers by having them fill out a quick contact form. This is a very useful form of advertising because it gives you the homeowners contact information, and can be customized to include questions that they might have about your service, making it easy to follow up on the lead and start the conversation. By filling out a lead form, consumers are already expressing interest and propensity toward completing a sale.


Social Media has become an integral part of consumers’ day-to-day lives. From interacting with friends and colleagues to purchasing products and services, having a strong presence on social media can help you increase sales and grow your business.