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Be the Remodeling Contractor that Customers Love

Posted July 18, 2017 by EnerBank USA

exceptional remodeling contractors

If you asked people to dream up the ideal home improvement contractor, what do you think that would look like? Are you working to exemplify the qualities listed below? If so, you’re well on your way to converting more qualified leads into sales, and establishing a reputation for honest, quality work. If not, it’s not too late to start!

The Ideal Contractor Relates to the Customer’s Feelings

Any large expense brings with it a level of stress for many people. Although your customers are excited to see their project come to fruition, there’s also a certain amount of concern about this investment. Part of your job, as the ideal contractor, is to set your customer’s mind at ease. Put yourself in their shoes — the customer may have been sacrificing and saving up for this project, and certainly wants everything to go smoothly, because there’s money on the line. Even as you offer a choice of payment options (more on that later), your customers will expect not only an improved, updated home, but a pleasant remodeling experience.

Recognize and acknowledge the sizeable costs of the remodel and assure your customers that you will work with them to meet or exceed their expectations.

The Ideal Contractor Establishes Trust

A handful of shady remodeling contractors can give the industry a bad name, forcing good contractors like you to start your relationships from a trust-deficit position. Your customers want to feel comfortable and confident knowing you’ll provide quality work and not take advantage of them. They’re likely seeking bids from various contractors, so setting yourself apart as both capable and trustworthy is crucial.

Customers will remember how they felt after meeting with you. Make the effort to project professionalism and openly communicate. Acknowledge and address any concerns your customers may be having, let them voice their opinions and thoughts, and be sure not to promise anything you can’t deliver.

The Ideal Contractor Knows First Impressions Count

Customers are more informed than ever, and their research will begin online to find the right contractor for the job — which means they’ll form their first impressions about you long before you meet in person or even talk on the phone. That’s why it’s essential for your company to have a solid web presence. Be sure to maintain a clean, up-to-date, well-designed website with appropriately-linked social media accounts, and be consistent in your branding across your various social sites. You may be an ace in the field, but nothing screams “amateur” like a website that looks like it was built in 1999.

Show your potential customers positive customer reviews and testimonials. If you’ve worked hard to establish a solid reputation with your previous customers, then your prospective customers should be reading about those good experiences.

Be sure the physical appearance of your company matches your clean online appearance. This includes well-kept vehicles and a professional physical appearance for all employees.

The Ideal Contractor is a Strong Communicator

Customers want the real deal — a contractor who’ll give an honest, professional opinion with no sugar-coating. If you show potential customers that you have their best interests in mind, it’ll dissolve barriers. For example, you may find ways to save the homeowner money while still delivering on their project goals. If such an option exists and you present it to them honestly, trust levels will skyrocket.

If you’re vague and evasive, your customers will question your every move, and any good impression you made initially will fade.

Customers want to be kept in the loop throughout the entire process with clear communication — remember, they’re probably nervous about the whole thing and need reassurance. Let them know that you’re there to answer any questions and resolve any concerns they may have throughout the project. If you make yourself easily reachable and communicate effectively, you’ll have extremely satisfied customers who are more likely to leave a positive review and refer you to their friends and family.

The Ideal Contractor is Flexible

When discussing the parameters of the remodel with your customers, be sure to present them with a variety of options that best fit their situation. Too many options may be overwhelming, so be mindful of which options are ideal for their particular project.

Be aware of what your competition is offering to their customers, and seek to not only match their offers but look for opportunities where you can offer more. Your customers will appreciate your flexibility and variety, which will only strengthen the trust you’ve worked hard to foster.

The Ideal Contractor Makes Paying Easy

Give your customers peace of mind by offering a choice of payment options. Every customer manages their finances their own way — either saving up cash, borrowing against equity, or taking advantage of payment plans.

Contractors who partner with EnerBank USA can offer multiple payment options to qualifying customers, including:

  • Same-As-Cash loans for up to 24 months
  • Reduced interest loans with low monthly payments for up to 12 years (up to 20 years for PV solar projects)
  • And more…

Offering a choice of two payment options — a Same-As-Cash loan and low monthly payment loan — allows customers to keep their savings and home equity intact, and will put you ahead of the competition while helping you close more leads on larger projects. Customers who are confident about where the money is coming from will be more inclined to remodel the entire kitchen rather than just paying for the cupboards and counters.

Take your first step to becoming the home improvement contractor that customers love by visiting EnerBank USA to get authorized for one of our loan programs.