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5 Ways to Increase Summertime Sales

Posted August 21, 2015 by EnerBank USA

5 ways to increase summertime sales
Summer is the time for vacations, pool parties and barbecues. Many, however, do not realize the opportunity summer brings when it comes to making changes to the home. Of course, there is spring for “spring cleaning,” and the breeze of fall makes it the best time for backyard cleanup, but what time of year is dedicated to home improvement and remodeling? It’s time to convince your potential customers that summertime is the perfect time for kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

The first rule to summer sales: have an arsenal of reasons why summer is the best time for home remodeling projects.

Four Reasons to Remodel During the Summer: 

1. Better weather conditions – If remodeling a kitchen or bathroom requires exposed walls, homeowners won’t want the inside of the house subjected to harsh elements like wind, snow, and rain. Summer is also a better season for ventilation during the remodeling process; customers can open windows and doors, allowing workers to freely leave and re-enter while also keeping the house from getting too dusty or filled with odd smells.

2. No holidays hosting relatives – November has Thanksgiving, December claims Christmas, then comes New Years, and later Easter, all of which are holidays when people want their homes in peak condition to host family activities. Summertime allows your customers to get their houses ready in time for those holiday celebrations without imposing on their ability to be great hosts.

3. Vacation time; leave the mess behind – If you have a good and trusting relationship with your customers, this could give them the opportunity to leave the mess behind and go on vacation while their home is being remodeled. Even if they only leave for 2 or 3 days, it could be a great opportunity to show them progress and give them time away from the chaos.

4. The kitchen is less occupied during the summer – If a customer is considering a kitchen remodel, then there is no better time than summer. With the abundance of barbecues and fresh fruit, it’s easy to take the cooking outdoors, thanks to plenty of sunshine.

Armed with this list of reasons to suggest a summer remodel, now you can begin implementing new ways to increase your summertime sales.

5 Ways to Sell During the Summer:

1. Vacations and Giveaways – If your company can afford a vacation sweepstakes, set one up. If you need to scale it down a bit, offer giveaways to local restaurants, water parks, or gift baskets full of local delicacies.

2. Go Places – During the summer, people are not at home as much as other times of the year. They are more likely at county fairs, sporting events, community centers art walks, etc. You should participate in events or venues that match your customers’ profile. Be there with them; set up a booth, hang a banner, or become a sponsor.

3. Treat Your Customers – Summertime is ideal to go and do things with your customers. Take them out to a ballgame, treat them to a barbecue or rent a sailboat for the evening and bring your families together. These are great ways to establish loyalty and repeat business.

4. Get Your Social Profiles Sizzling – Gear your social posts toward summer, vacations, and all things warm. Make suggestions for summer remodeling using our “4 Reasons to Remodel During the Summer” list above. Take the time to really get interactive on social media while people are less scheduled and more likely to be active on their different social profiles.

5. Get Referrals – Rekindle a relationship with old customers by using one of our “Treat Your Customers” suggestions. With this relationship you can ask for, or even simply expect, more friend referrals. Because of your quality workmanship and the fact that homeowners already have strong relationships with their friends, you will be the one they advise to call for their next home remodel.

Have you tried some of these tips? Which ones worked best? Are we missing any? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.