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4 Places to Store Company Documents Online

With employees working from home, on the road, and in remote offices, the need for an easy-access central hub to store all your shared documents is increasingly important. Many companies use online storage solutions, managed through personal accounts. While free, these options create data risks as the content is not controlled by the company. 

Sales presentations, proposals, flyers or business reports no matter your content, your company needs a unified solution for accessing shared documents on the web. Here are four business-friendly online document storage solutions you might want to consider.



SolutionCost / SpaceDescription

$10 per month / user

1 Terabyte

Dropbox is definitely one of the pioneers and indusry leaders in this space. They are a safe bet when it comes to flexibility with sharing outside of your business network and organizing files securely. 
Google Drive

$10 per month / user

1 Terabyte

If you are already using other Google business applications such as Gmail you may already be paying for this. You not only get the online storage, but access to all Google business applications as well. That is a huge plus when it comes to integration with other applications. If your company is not integrated into Google, other solutions may be better.

$15 per month/user

Unlimited Storage

The price comes with unlimited storage capacity. Box is a relatively newcomer to the marketplace, but already making waves and impressing users.

$5 per month / user

1 Terabyte

OneDrive is the Microsoft version of Google Drive. The pricing is very comparable. If your company uses the Microsoft Office suite, this may be for you.


What storage space do you use? Do you like it? Share in the comments.  


At EnerBank, all of your loan documents are safely stored in one easy-to-access location using bank-grade and encryption technology. Your customers security is our highest priority.


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Tuesday, August 04 2020

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