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3 Reasons You should be Conducting Business on a Smart Device

Posted November 15, 2017 by EnerBank USA

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In the business world, there are those embracing the latest and greatest, and there are the dinosaurs. Guess which ones end up extinct? Bottom line, everything is changing, and if you’re not already doing business on a tablet or your mobile phone, you’re already behind the times. But it’s not too late to catch up! Here’s why you need to jump aboard the “smart” train:

It Will Make Your Life Easier

Sure, you may need to invest a little time and effort to climb over the initial learning curve, but once you’ve figured it out, a mobile device will greatly improve your productivity and efficiency by handling a lot of the organizational and transactional tasks that used to be much more tedious. One obvious example is using the EnerBank Mobile Loan App, which will allow you to quickly and easily help your customers obtain the payment options offered through EnerBank’s various home improvement loan programs.

A Smart Device Makes You Look…Smart

Appearances do matter. If you’re onsite and pull out your tablet to take care of business with your customers, you’ll naturally gain credibility as a businessperson who is savvy enough to stay current with technology. This will inspire confidence and trust (providing you actually know how to use your device). A tool, after all, is only as good as the one wielding it. And let’s face it — slide rules just aren’t that cool anymore.

It’s How It’s Done These Days

It’s expected that 73% of small businesses will be using tablets by the end of 2017. Now, we don’t recommend doing something just because everyone else is doing it, unless there’s a good reason everyone else is doing it. Your tablet is not only useful for ordinary tasks like reviewing pricing sheets, looking up inventory, or staying connected with the main office while on the road, but that flat little computer can be a powerful sales tool. Utilizing a visually captivating sales presentation on your tablet is a great way to educate and influence your customers. As we say, adapt and adopt, or flounder and fail. Staying current with the tools that can help you grow your business is the best way to succeed in a fast-changing business world.

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