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2016 Digital Marketing Trends

Posted December 21, 2015 by EnerBank USA

2016 digital marketing trends

As you finalize your 2016 marketing plan, make sure that your digital marketing takes into account advances in technology.

1. Make it Mobile

It’s no longer an option to have a mobile-friendly website. It’s mandatory.  After mobile traffic surpassed desktop internet traffic in 2015, Google got serious about mobile optimization. In fact, they are going to start “punishing” businesses with websites that aren’t mobile friendly by moving these websites down the search result rankings.

If you want to rank at the top of Google’s search results page—and you do—you need to get on board with a mobile-friendly website

2. Boost Your Budget

Plan to spend a little more on digital marketing in 2016 to get the results you want. As once free spaces become more and more crowded with content, social media will capitalize on the competition and require payment for visibility.

Facebook has already moved to a “pay-to-play” model that essentially requires businesses to pay for advertising to show up in their news feeds.Other channels are following suit.

Social media marketing budgets are predicted to double in the next five years. To get ahead of the competition, you should consider increasing your budget now too to update your website or build a mobile app

3. Ready, Set, Action!

Video has been an important part of digital marketing for some time, and it will continue to be the best type of content you can post next year.

Google has big plans for YouTube in 2016. YouTube is already the second largest search engine on the web, processing more than 3 billion searches a month, and with new features like YouTube Red, the platform is working hard to keep users there.

It’s worth considering investing in at least one high-production video that can live on your homepage and in YouTube’s metadata. You may even want to consider creating your own YouTube channel with helpful tips to drive customers to your company.

4. Let Data Drive

As online marketing becomes the new norm for boosting revenue, make sure your “spend” is meeting your return on investment goal. This makes tracking key performance indicator metrics vital for guiding your digital marketing efforts and success.

For starters, make sure you are tracking with Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. Also, consider hiring an internal business intelligence specialist or third party to take your data analysis to the next level. They can consolidate all your data into easy-to-read metrics and help you more effectively plan for the future.

Use the data you collect to help drive your efforts. Instead of using a blanket social media approach where you occasionally post on every platform available, find out where your ideal audience is and really focus your posts on those one or two channels.


Let’s not forget about some of the following staples for 2016.

  • Online content is still king. As Google’s algorithm gets smarter and more people get access to the Internet around the world, offering searchers clear, authoritative, and informative content is a must.
  • Email isn’t going anywhere. Although email feels like an archaic form of communication, it’s still the best way to directly market to potential customers and keep one-time purchasers coming back. Since maintaining an active relationship with customers is especially important in home improvement, it’s essential to keep your email list up to date for communication initiatives next year.
  • Promote personality. To fight through the web’s white noise, you need to stand out. Don’t be afraid to build your brand around your business’s personality. When people are searching through hundreds of contractors online, you want to be the one that sticks out in their mind.