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19 Handy Business Tools the Best Home Improvement Contractors Can’t Live Without

Posted June 3, 2015 by EnerBank USA

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As a home improvement contractor, you’re at the center of every project. For someone who wears so many hats, it’s crucial to have the necessary tools at your side each day to keep your projects and budgets on track as well as exceed your customers’ expectations.

There is a mobile app for almost anything you need. We’ve scoured the marketplace and found nineteen reputable apps to help you with tasks from project management to safety to accounting and more.

Let us know if we’re missing any that you can’t live without.


1. UDA Construction Suite (Residential)

This software is designed for home improvement companies of all sizes. The comprehensive construction management system includes estimating tools, lead reminders, CRM reporting and hundreds of other features. Click to tweet.


2. Xactware Solutions, Inc.

Tools from Xactware can help with estimates at all stages of the home improvement process. Features include: an assignment network, analytical reports, cost research and project management. Click to tweet.


3. Construction Manager

You can keep employees accountable with Construction Manager, a progress management app that uses daily reports and maintenance log forms to help construction workers record the day’s important events. Click to tweet.


4. RedTeam

Use the RedTeam construction management system for business development, pre-construction, scheduling, contracting, performance management, financial management and accounting. Click to tweet.


5. Co-Construct

This powerful tool helps businesses:

  • Collaborate with one another
  • Make selections easy
  • Track change orders and expenses
  • Improve client communication
  • Manage and track leads
  • Coordinate schedules
  • Communicate with clients
  • Share photos and files
  • Integrate with accounting system
  • Keep track of to-dos
  • Customize for branding and marketing
  • Budget and forecast project costs
  • Track project activity

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6. LargeViewer for Construction Blueprints

LargeViewer lets you view large files on your mobile device without sacrificing any visual detail. The tool can handle all these sizable specs:

  • 12,000-page manuals
  • Drawings larger than 48 x 36 inches
  • 86 megapixel camera images
  • 20,000 x 18,000 pixel blueprints
  • Wall maps
  • Large TIFFs, JPEGs, PDFs and faxes
  • And view them all with no wait time.

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7. Mobile Field Manager

This tool from Viewpoint Construction Software lets you manage everything from employee time cards to tracking equipment.  Click to tweet.


8. Procore

Procore provides an all-in-one construction management platform for: bidding, budgeting, punch lists, drawing management, email tracking, meeting minutes, photos, RFIs, submittals and more. Even enterprise companies use procore for project management and field communications. Click to tweet.


9. Safety Meeting

With Safety Meeting you can document incidents, accidents and near-misses with printable PDF reports and photo proof. The app can also help you meet OSHA’s required meeting laws and includes 950+ pre-written safety meeting topics.  Click to tweet.


10. iSafe Inspections

This safety app has reporting and camera functionalities, as well as information to help you pass safet inspections, property assessments and audits.  Click to tweet.


11. HCSS Innovative Software

Whether you’re managing a project, bidding and estimating, dispatching, managing equipment, tracking fuel or cloud hosting, HCSS probably has a tool that can work for you. Click to tweet.


12. QuickBooks Online (Construction)

For accounting software designed for construction use, QuickBooks construction software can manage everything from daily expenses to revenue reports. This all-in-one tool makes tax season a breeze. Click to tweet.


13. BuilderTREND

This cloud-based home improvement software can help with all aspects of the pre-sale, project management and customer management processes. Click to tweet.


14. BIMx

To create the ultimate presentation, use BIMx software. This projection tool has a superfast 2D documentation viewer and real-time 3D cutaway mode. Fly or walk through photo-realistic designs that will excite your clients. Click to tweet.


15. Home Design 3D

If you need a tool with lots of design functionality, reach for Home Design 3D. This interface lets you design in 2D and then project your ideas in 3D to give clients an accurate representation of your plan. Plus, this tool works without the Internet, so it can be used for reference at any job site.  Click to tweet.


16. Game Plan Pro

Game Plan Pro is a mobile application that makes it easy to assign individual tasks, rearrange priorities, and communicate with site leaders and vendors. 

Game Plan also has an audio option that lets you leave verbal instructions or morale-boosting messages for employees. Click to tweet.


17. EagleView Technologies

Digital measurement is tricky, but we feel safe steering you toward products from EagleView Technologies. Whatever the challenge, EagleView has you covered. Check out one of their powerful property measurement solutions if you’re in need. Click to tweet.


18. ProContractor

ProContractor is another full-service estimating and project management solution. Software designer Viewpoint claims ProContractor can:

  • Boost profit by improving productivity and accuracy
  • Eliminate redundancy by streamlining your workflow
  • Manage information in real-time
  • Reduce overhead costs

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19. Smart Tools

Make your smartphone the most versatile tool in your box. This simple smartphone application can turn your phone into a multifunctional tool you’ll use every day.

Smart Tools is a useful app with many features. You can measure length, distance, and area with the ruler, use the compass, metal detector and GPS functions, take advantage of the sound level meter and vibrometer, or access the flashlight, magnifier or mirror.  Click to tweet.



Contractors have multifaceted jobs, but correctly using mobile technology and construction tools can alleviate some of the stress. Use these and other tools to manage your business effectively and efficiently. 

What tools do you use for home improvement projects?











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